my friend Amy and i were sitting around gabbing the other day, browsing pinterest (which is the new looking through magazines together, i guess) and we got onto the topic of Lauren Hutton. i couldn’t quite believe that i hadn’t done a post on her yet, especially since i’ve covered some other favourite style icons, like Anjelica for example.

i have never been able to decide which Lauren is my favourite – Safari Lauren, Tomboy Lauren, glamorous Model Lauren, showing the kids how it’s done Lauren… either way, her infectious personality (and smile) always take center stage no matter what she’s doing.

i scoured the web to find my favourite Lauren Hutton pics – a lot of these are from Pinterest and Tumblr, as well as sites like The Fashion Spot, Ciao Vogue and the Life Magazine Archives. this one is for you, Amy.

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  1. Wow, pretty timeless. What a beauty! I particularly love the pink and white chiffon deep-v dress with the metallic belt. Also the hats.

  2. I’m a fan of Ms. Hutton but her charisma was much better when she got older. A timeless woman.

  3. Ravishing. I truly enjoyed this post to the fullest. Classic, classic beauty.

  4. I was just talking about her to my husband last week because of those new ads with Lucky Brand! She is so timeless…

  5. It’s Lauren Hutton I like to think of when I think of American beauty. Love her infectious smile, her easy elegance and the way she has aged so gracefully.

  6. I love the gap in her teeth. She’s one of those women who looks just as amazing at 50 or 60 as at 20 or 30.

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  8. My hands-down favorite: older-and-not-giving-a-rat’s-ass Lauren. Fantastic inspiration!

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