i thought i’d offer a music mix in exchange for the fact that my posting has been patchy the past two days. it is a bit of a reflective, mid-year mix – mostly pretty down tempo, and featuring two of my favourite artists who are releasing new work. namely Goldfrapp and Mazzy Star. MAZZY STAR! they haven’t released a track in 17 years. so, enjoy it.

Lost in the Light. tracklist:

  1. Goldfrapp – Drew
  2. Bahamas – Lost in the Light
  3. Dr. Dog – The Truth
  4. Mr. Little Jeans – Oh Sailor
  5. Wolfcolony – Beauty
  6. Dan Croll – In/Out
  7. YUNO – Sunlight
  8. Salt Cathedral – Move Along
  9. MY BODY – New Cat
  10. GEMS – Never Age
  11. Mazzy Star – California
  12. David Lynch & Lykke Li – I’m Waiting Here


  1. Liza Saniefard Reply

    you are a bless-ed angel, thank you for posting this darling, you made my night. an eternity of kisses, L.

  2. I adore your mixes. I have them on repeat/shuffle while I work and they’re the perfect background music. You’ve introduced me to so many bands/singers that I otherwise would never have heard. (Admission: I don’t know much about music, even though I love it!)

    I’d love to see what you would put on a “love” playlist, with songs specifically chosen to reflect a couple about to get married. Your wedding is coming up! What are the songs about love that stand out most to you? — asks the girl who is also engaged and getting married soon :)

  3. hooray hooray, a new music mix! whenever I have friends on I play one of your mixes in the background and ALWAYS get compliments on my great music taste :)

  4. You’re so good on this music selections! Thank you very much :)

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