i’ve noticed a popular resurgence in hand weaving the past while, especially in the realm of wall hangings. i’m sure you’ve seen beautiful tapestries featured on design blogs (the stunning work of Brook&Lyn comes to mind) or cropping up on pinterest. if you’re a fan, like me, then you can add another talented artist to your most wanted weavers list – Justine Ashbee.

with a background as a fine artist known for her intricate pen drawings, she recently expanded her talents into woven pieces, wearable jewelry, hanging light sculptures and wall hangings – all of which stem from her early explorations in weaving metal sculptures as a textiles student. she collects her work and inspirations on her website Native Line.

Native Line consists of one off woven pieces, wearable jewelry, hanging light sculptures, & wall hangings, all of which stem from her early explorations in weaving metal sculptures, as a textiles student, at the Rhode Island School of Design. Inspired by the timeless motifs of indigenous woven craft work, Justine combines geometric lines with shimmering metals, to create luminary pieces of woven art, whether for your wall, or to wear as every day statement pieces.

you can buy Justine’s handwoven wall hanging objects at her online shop.


  1. That is just sublime!!! I’ve always had a thing for weaving (and do a little of it myself too, not selling it yet, but practicing!) and also for native motifs and culture, so this totally talks to me!! Great work Justine! :)

  2. This is so good. I’m looking forward to working with fibre art and weavings as part of my art coursework, and these are definitely motivating me to experiment further. The colours she’s used feel so elegant and refined, which is a really interesting juxtaposition to my idea of weavings & wall hangings as quite a simple and ‘unrefined’ craft.

  3. I’ve seen her weavings in person and they are so wondrous — the gold flecks are perfect and they feel so delicate but still statementy. major lust!

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  5. Oh my God, I just dicovered these wall hangings on pinterest and I love them! I’d love to have one for my sleeping space, well I think I got to learn to weave ;-)

    Thanks for your blog post!
    Best wishes, sousou

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