thanks to Tomboy Style for introducing me to South2 West8, a Japanese line of classic outdoor sportswear and accessories. their bags are, interestingly enough, produced in the USA – and take influence from heavy duty outdoor bags, particularly those manufactured in the 70s & 80s (Filson came to mind). you can shop their entire range online, in the US from Maas & Stacks and Inventory and in the UK from Couverture & The Garbstore and The Bureau Belfast.

Photography: Shoda Masahiro; Creative Direction: Tokuro Aoyagi; Art Direction: Jun Okiyama


  1. Love the bags, but YIKES…I hope those turtles the company and photographer are using as props are not one of dozens of turtle species at danger of becoming extinct.

  2. Either props or hipster turtles with a stylish eye for a cool bag. I prefer the latter. I personally love the canoe rucksack casually resting by the fence but more than £ 400.00 a pop! Dear, oh dear! Lovely all the same.

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