Book/Shop is an Oakland based online & brick-and-mortar shop that specialises in products and paraphernalia related to reading – of actual real life books, not the online kind. of course they have actual books for sale, but also deal in other interesting things like book related art & vintage posters (love this Read Instead print) and even small furnishings to keep your books organised.

We’re committed to the reading experience. The surprise of one page turning to the other. The little luxury of sitting in a great reading chair, inhaling the scent of a beautifully made book. The luscious heft of three or four good reads in a sturdy bookbag as you head out into the world. The hundred discoveries waiting at a used bookstore; the refuge of a library.


  1. Aww, this shop is too adorable. You know, the kind of adorable that melts your heart like kittens in a wicker basket or old people sitting on a bench together in some insanely beautiful park somewhere celebrating their gazillionth anniversary. I wish I was in the area, I would definitely stop by! Thanks for sharing this.

    Shop Vintage Levis

  2. OMG!!! I TOTALLY have to go there! There is no bigger book addicted person than me! :-)

  3. Uggghhhh everytime I see those slotted shelves online it breaks my heart a little bit – i love them so and have emailed book / shop THREE TIMES regarding internation postage so that I could buy them and have never gotten a single response. Sad.

  4. C’H’C’M shop is a store you should visit when you’re in New York. I realise that this is a random comment, but the fourth image down is the owners apartment.

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