i was just thinking the other day how tired i was of seeing white white white interiors everywhere on the internet, even though they are beautiful (don’t get me wrong). but sometimes you just don’t see enough variety – which i suppose is the problem with the internet, if you follow the same blogs or don’t wander far from the safety of your pinterest feed. so when i saw the work of brazilian architect & designer Carlos Motta, which focuses on the natural beauty of wood, i ended up flipping through every single image on his website. many of the houses his atelier has designed are situated in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range in the state of São Paulo. this one – Carlos Motta’s own home – has to be my favourite.

The Atelier Carlos Motta was born in the 70’s, through a strong counterculture movement. Surf, Yoga, food and a natural life. Ecology and respect for nature, pulsing through our veins. It’s at the genesis and at the Atelier DNA the environmental and social responsibility. The architecture and design that we develop here at the Atelier follow together the same concept: the search for the obvious, the simple, respectful and longevous.


  1. It IS refreshing to see interiors that let the wood breathe instead of trying to mask it with paint and varnish (though I’m still very partial to white). These images are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. These are great! I agree with you on the white-ness of interiors on the internet. There’s just so much warmth when natural wood is brought indoors. Thank you for sharing!

  3. It has taken me a good few moments to gather my thoughts after seeing these images. I was truly awestruck by the sheer beauty of the location and the beautiful way that the building blends into it’s surroundings; without domineering. Majestic scenery!
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