Ian Grose is an artist who lives in Cape Town whose focus is painting. he has a tumblr called Small Paintings that are, well, small paintings. and extraordinary ones at that. i simply love his portraiture, but also enjoy the tiny (often quite abstract) landscapes. if you live in Cape Town, or have ever spent any time here at all, you will instantly recognise bits of the city in these small canvases. you can see more of Ian’s work at the Stevenson gallery.


  1. Beautiful work! Love those rich, painterly images and all that texture…could stare at his paintings all day. Thanks for the introduction. :)

  2. The Office Stylist Reply

    Such beautiful paintings! They would look absolutely breath taking over a fireplace!

    –Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  3. marike naude Reply

    What a fresh, creative way to ‘look’ at life. very inspiring.

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