i am still as broody for pets as i always have been. we are waiting for the right time (or rather, home) to finally get a dog – and my yearning for one has gotten to the point where i am already naming them. the big dog will be called Coach Taylor, that much i’m sure of. but for now i am resigned to enjoying other people’s pets and looking at pics of animals on the internet. i spent quite a bit of time looking through the vintage photos of owners and their sweet dogs over at Shorpy, so i thought i’d share some of the more interesting shots with you.


  1. I love these photos so much. Such a great selection. My favourite is the roly poly man smoking the pipe, with his tiny dog.

  2. Love! These photos make me feel nostalgic for the dog I never had (but also plan to get when the time is right).

  3. v cute – dogs in shoes v odd…… though I was in Harrods Pet Emporium the other day………shoes galore there!!

  4. I feel you! Sometimes when it is slow at work I look at dogs that are available for adoption. Now’s not the right time for me to get one, but one day!!

  5. I love how no matter how different the fashions/ photo poses are, letting your dog climb all over you/ the furniture and smiling seems to be a universal thing!

    I’m laid up in bed sick, with a little spaniel sitting at my feet.

  6. Love dogs, I have two and they’re amazing but definitely understand your want to wait. It took me 3 years of waiting before getting my first dog but I feel like the wait just made it so much better. Love the dog family photos, so cute.

  7. Oh that first one! Love! I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets broody for pets. I tell my husband I’m “dog clucky”. Ha. x

  8. I have always had pets too, so I’m quite gutted living in a flat on a fourth floor and not being able to have a furbaby. :-(

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