it’s cooooooooooooold in Cape Town today. i even wore my winter jacket that i bought (and last wore) 5 years ago when i was in wintery London. so when i got an email introducing Tiny Atlas Quarterly, an online magazine founded by photographer Emily Nathan and art director Liz Mullally, and i clicked through to this wonderful photo essay about Santorini i was temporarily transported to a warmer clime.

So often art directors, designers, photographers, stylists, digital techs and photo assistants become great friends on set, intermittently cracking up and stressing out during the long sunrise to sunset hours we keep. As friends we work for clients and as friends we dine and travel the world together. It is rare that we come together professionally for projects of our own devising.  Instead of keeping all of our location production information and call sheets to ourselves though, we want to share it. With Tiny Atlas we are creating these stories for ourselves and for you. And while our clients may want the ever-sunny day, we also relish a moody storm sweeping across a mountain range. With Tiny Atlas Quarterly we want to show you the places we love to travel ourselves, both high and lowbrow. We also want to show you how we see our own backyards.

you should check out the rest of their Summer issue, which includes a story about demystifying abalone (which used to be a summer staple when i was a kid, before they became endangered in south africa due to illegal poaching), tips for traveling through the south, and awesome summer potraits. seriously, have a long look at Tiny Atlas Quarterly.

Santorini. PHOTOGRAPHER: Fiona Conrad / HOTEL: Rocabella & Aghios Artemios Traditional Houses / EAT: Nikolas Tavern / DRINK: Palia Kameni Bar / SAILING: Pegasus


  1. I was there last summer and if you go out early and avoid the tourist hoards, it is one of the most magical places I have ever visited. The quiet early morning light reflecting off the white buildings and blue ocean is so beautiful.

  2. Can someone beam me to Santorini now, please!? Well, you just did, kind of… Beautiful images, thank you for sharing!

  3. Santorini is lovely and picture perfect. You can’t take a bad shot there. Thanks for sharing! I was in Greece a few years ago and couldn’t make it out there, but I went to the Aegina island instead. We had so much fun touring the island all to ourselves on a vespa!

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