i don’t actually own a piece of dyed clothing, but now i wish i do after seeing the Upstate s/s 2013 collection. i especially love those rich blue pieces, the slouchy tops and the elegant high-waisted shorts.

Kalen and Astrid design garments utilizing their own take on shibori and dip dyeing. each item is hand dyed and one of a kind. shibori is a japanese tradition of dyeing cloth using several different methods of binding, folding, or compressing the fabric. small changes in the combinations of binding and dyeing create an endless array of patterns and textures.


  1. I am so in love! Having spent my childhood living in Nigeria I gravitate to the sympathetic and dynamic technique of material dyeing – love, love, love the complete, beautiful application!

  2. These make tie dye look so fresh and modern. Who knew it could look this good!?

    xx Erin

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