how can you not like a company that’s called Whistles? i’m a bit enamoured by this British brand lately, and not just because of their classic pieces (especially love the denim and leather stuff). their website is brimming with interesting content, including profiles of fashionable women and neighbourhood guides to places like Covent Garden & Bath. if they don’t ship to your country you can also find their wares at ASOS.


  1. I love their stuff! I was in UK last year and it was one of the few stores I bought clothes from :) they also have great pieces for size 14 girls! :)

  2. They have quite an adorable line, I have an ankle boots that I bought from Asos last winter and I love it. Though I wish they were in the range of more reachable prices, so I could make an entire wardrobe out of their items :-)

  3. Love the use of pink in this collection! I’ve been obsessed with pink for the last few years, especially that dusty, pale pink.

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