they have done it again. Confezioni Crosby, who i have featured numerous times, has a beautiful new summer collection that will make you want to go on holiday forever.

Confezioni Crosby is a collaboration with a historic New York based manufacturer of mens uniforms and traditional work garmets. The idea was born from the challenge of transforming real american work wear into every day clothing for women, changings its proportions and fits and adding touches of softness and femininity. It is a contrast that throws the idea of functional clothing into an unexpected key, giving it a new meaning.


  1. Woah, totally love these clothes, they’re all such gorgeous pieces! Love the styling too.
    That yellow coat is so so nice!

  2. The perfect summer style – too bad I’ll have to wait another 9 months for summer… the maxi dress is my favourite – as well as the wall in the background.

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