i was so pleased to get an email from Elizabeth Pape introducing me to her line Elizabeth Suzann. a self taught designer, Elizabeth is based in Nashville and her design focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and longevity.

I use all natural fibers – silks, linens, cottons – many of the pieces are hand dyed and painted, and I try very hard to make versatile, seasonless pieces that will serve more than just one function in a wardrobe and can be worn a multitude of ways.  It is my hope that by producing and consuming mindfully, we can focus on craftsmanship, reduce waste, and truly love the clothing we put on our backs. Everything is sewn here in Nashville (by me, currently) and we just this month moved into a studio space so we’ve got some room to grow.

you can see her new studio space here (love me a good studio tour) and shop pieces from the shop on her website. i loooooove that Anais peach watercolour midi dress, as well as this rad charcoal painted silk number. everything is fantastic though, so be sure to have a browse. looking forward to seeing more from Elizabeth in the future.

ez01 ez02 ez03 ez04 ez05 ez06 ez07 ez08 ez09 ez10 ez11 ez12 ez13


  1. Her designs are beautiful! I really like the peach and white coloured dress. And I’m jealous of her wonderful workspace!

  2. It seems very sophisticated style in a good way! I like it, never heard of it before…
    I’m gonna check her web-site in a detailed way now.

  3. Arizonamegs Reply

    Gorgeous! Thanks for this introduction, what a beautiful collection, am excited to see more.

    Thanks and Happy Weekending – hope the wedding plans are coming along perfectly !

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