i love Aussie brand Gorman – their prints just scream S U M M E R. and since us south africans, and our counterparts in the southern hemisphere, are going into spring i feel like this is the kind of stuff everyone should be wearing. at the moment we are still having some cooooold days, but perhaps if we, as a collective, wear beautiful bold prints it will force the sun to come out.

there is a distinctive handwriting that underpins all of gorman’s designs, from its whimsical signature prints, directional knitwear and distinctive colour palettes. for all of its vintage and tribal references, gorman is thoroughly modern and inspired by the everyday, and the local culture and artists that surround us.



  1. Love the black and white trousers and watermelon top! Gorman is the brand I miss the most now I live in the UK…

  2. I’m in! We certainly need some sun :)

    Only just realized your in Cape Town… That guide is everywhere I’ve been and much more! Thanks for the great tips, off to The Lobby today to get my hair chopped. x

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