i have never been the biggest Orla Kiely fan, i find her designs often just a little bit too twee. which is exactly what her latest Spring 2014 collection is… but somehow, i like it. the models are certainly channeling Suzy Bishop – the collection was, after all, inspired by the Girl Guides – but with a more African safari slant, something i can totally get behind. plus those shoes are just THE BEST.

images courtesy of WWD.


  1. I love Orla Kiely – I think her prints are iconic and her company has a great history. Her collections are always quirky and feminine but don’t make women look like a toddler.

  2. yea I agree. this collection is pretty cool. You kind of have to thank anyone who watches the newest wes anderson and makes a cool collection after it. plus zebra’s are pretty awesome.

  3. Does the styling strike anyone else as a bit inappropriately…imperialistic?

    • if you had to place the models in a forested setting somewhere in the United States you’d think summer camp and Wes Anderson. It’s unfortunate that the African setting immediately draws the colonialism card (even though the Girl Guides, as a group / concept, are an overwhelming positive thing).

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