Pitchouguina is a London based label with Russian origins, by designer Anna Pitchouguina. i love the combination of gold and pale pink and grey, and especially love the detailing on many of these pieces – making them interesting yet wearable.

‘Pitchouguina’ is a label based on emotions. It draws inspiration from everyday moments, everyday people, random words, awkward smiles and all the little things that can so easily go unnoticed. We aim to create wearable garments that will make memories and play a subtle but important part in our daily lives. With Russian roots and a studio in London we let our melancholic dreams inspire our clothing. By our own choice we are a little naïve, and maybe a little obsessed.

Pitchouguina01 Pitchouguina02 Pitchouguina03 Pitchouguina04 Pitchouguina05 Pitchouguina06 Pitchouguina07 Pitchouguina08 Pitchouguina09 Pitchouguina10 Pitchouguina11 Pitchouguina12


  1. Gorgeous pieces, I particularly love the 11th outfit, so beautiful!

  2. Her work is so inspiring and visually stunning! She has a perfect blending of fabric collage and textural novelty, with great silhouettes to boot. I would weave those into my wardrobe easily!

  3. It’s nice to see natural smiles in a fashion shoot…very refreshing!

  4. Naomi from France Reply

    Oh my god, those clothes are absolutely beautiful !
    I think it may be my first comment here… I just would like to thank you for all those beautiful things you introduce to me. :)

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