the Forest History Society is probably exactly what you think it is – an archive dedicated to collecting, preserving, and disseminating forest and conservation history. they have an extensive collection of photographs that have been digitised, that you can search through here, as well as an online gallery sorted by subject. i found some of their best photographs over at their flickr page. makes you want to go camping, doesn’t it?

miss-moss-forest-history-society-001 miss-moss-forest-history-society-002 miss-moss-forest-history-society-003 miss-moss-forest-history-society-004 miss-moss-forest-history-society-005 miss-moss-forest-history-society-006 miss-moss-forest-history-society-007 miss-moss-forest-history-society-008 miss-moss-forest-history-society-009 miss-moss-forest-history-society-010 miss-moss-forest-history-society-011


  1. Awesome find! Definitely makes me want to pack a lunch and hit the trail. AND LOOK AT THEIR CLOTHING! Too good.

  2. Arizonamegs Reply


    Does this mean our Miss Moss is now Mrs? Many congratulations and warm wishes!

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