Heinui is a label by French designer Claire Pignot. you may have spotted her first collection around the internet a few months ago, featuring beautiful blue and denim pieces. her new summer range, Paper Moon, expands on her love for denim and also features some light cotton & silk pieces that are beautifully dyed and printed.

Heinui produces charmingly quirky, highly feminine clothes that are effortless, easy-to-wear and quietly sophisticated, subtly mixing high-end materials carefully sourced from all around the world with timeless, casual silhouettes.

Photos: Sergi Fuster


  1. This is sooo fun you’re publishing it ! My today post is an interview (in French for now but it will be translate soon) of Claire Pignot ! And I have to confess it is thanks to you that I had discovered her :)

    Real crush ! :)

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