in the past few months i have been kind of obsessed with sneakers. it started when i was looking for a pair to actually, you know, run in (the running itself hasn’t started yet). and like i am wont to do, i started over researching. mostly based on colours and what i thought looked RAD. of course in the end i actually went to a sports shop and got a knowledgable dude to help me pick out a pair that would actually work for running, but my sneaker obsession didn’t end there.

on our recent trip to New York it became even worse, as i was determined to get myself the coolest New Balance trainers imaginable. i ended up not even getting a pair because the choice was so overwhelming. J.Crew have just released some AWESOME limited edition New Balance sneaks – i am particularly fond of the dusty beechwood. they are included in this list of some of my favourite sneakers at the moment. too bad these limited edition gold Nikes are sold out! click on the images to be taken to the relevant online shop.


  1. having just returned from a trip to copenhagen, my love for trainers was reignited. they are such a style statement in scandinavia! i adore new balance best. so so good.

  2. I feel like having new sneakers makes you want to work out because you just spent a good hunk of cash on them! I need new sneakers in the near future.

  3. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I was just researching sneakers that look good and functioned well. I’m getting really tired of sacrificing comfort for style especially on vacations. Now I have some more options I need to check out! (I really love the Nike Air Max pair!)

  4. If I were to pick some, I’d go with the dusty beechwood ones too! I bought a pair of classic Adidas Gazelle in bright turquoise a few months ago, and have only worn them once. I really like the look of colourful sneakers with a less sporty ensemble, but I always feel like I’m not athletic enough to pull them off. I mean, not that I don’t exercise (I dance ballet), but you seriously wouldn’t want me in your team, haha. I guess I just need to get past that, because sneakers look seriously cool, on top of being very comfortable.

  5. Oooh these are great! I’ll have to refer this post to a friend. We been talking about shoes to run in for the last week.

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