hello! so we are in NYC and it is amazing. I wasn’t planning on checking in while we’re on our honeymoon (sacrilege) – but I see there have been some technical difficulties with images in the blog posts I scheduled. I’m sorry about that, and unfortunately I do not have my computer with me so it can’t be fixed. that means no new posts until we are back in Cape Town.

I’ll leave you with this pic I took at Top of the Rock until we get back. you can also follow all my updates on Instagram.


  1. Wey Hey!! Congratulations on your wedding! NYC is a fabulous place. My gorgeous husband and I went for our (joint) 40th birthday. Be sure to walk everywhere if you can, we found loads of great nooks and crannies that I have never find when I go for business shopping trips…

    (PS) Love your blog x

  2. What beautiful intimate photos of your wedding, I couldn’t help smiling all the way through, they reminded me so much of our own wedding in 86. So many people seem to think that throwing ridiculous amounts of money at a wedding, inviting hundreds of people they don’t really know and becoming a star for the day is what it’s all about, which is so sad. Our friend a photographer, Peter Ashworth, took all the fly on the wall photos of the day, starting like yours with dressing and following us throughout the day. So like you, we have a wonderful flowing tale of the day that we can look back on with fondness, not some stilted posed group of unknown people. It’s obvious from your photos what’s important, an absolutely beautiful day, thank you for sharing.

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