One of my FAVOURITE creative duos, photographer Alix-Rose Cowie and stylist slash advertising whizz gal slash most fashionable girl in Cape Town Kate Desmarais have created a beautiful lookbook for local jewellery range Pichulik. I’m blogging about this from NYC, because I couldn’t wait, but also because even though I am surrounded by cool shit over here – I’m really, REALLY proud of what’s going on back home. I am reminded of that every day as we walk the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

necklaces – Pichulik, photographer – Alix-Rose Cowie, stylist – Kate Desmarais, location – Chandler House. please see Kate’s blog for all the clothing credits.

ps: I am blogging from my iPad, which – as it turns out – is not as easy as I thought it would be. this post may or may not have taken me the better part of an hour.

Pichulik SS14


  1. This lookbook is stunning – and I am weirdly obsessed with this model’s lips – wish I had ’em!

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  3. everything’s lovely except for her hideous gash of a mouth, the lipstick, the contrived pout, it ruins a great look book.

  4. Hej, Jag bruka kolla på din blogg, den är jätte snygg hemsida, stilren, professionell. snygga bilder :D

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