last year i did a post on 2013 calendars and, well, the time has come. 2014 to be exact… so here are 14 calendars for 2014.

there are only 5 Mondays left and then it’s Christmas!!


Snug Studio:


minerals by Lindsay Jones:

Linda & Harriett:

Scandinavian florals by The House that Lars Built:

12-Month Desert Shapes by Leah Duncan:

Silhouettes by 1 Canoe 2:


a cat’s life by Gemma Correll:

robins by the paper bird society:


Helvetica by Yumalum:

colour composition by Moglea:

Cute Animals by Loopz:


  1. Every year I dream of buying the perfect calendar that will inspire me to reach all of my goals. I spend a lot of time choosing just the right one (and sometimes several of them so I can have calendars in different formats). I’ve been super busy with our new lifestyle and design blog ( so I haven’t even started to shop for calendars yet… and usually I’m doing that by October because I’m depressed about the empty spaces I’ve left behind in last year’s calendar so I just want to get on to the next year, imagining all of those boxes of dates filled up with snazzy goals! Anyway, thank you SO much for kickstarting my search. I love several of the ones you’ve shown here and I can’t wait to buy one!
    P.S. I love your blog and how you write…so personal and easy to read. Thank you!

  2. Am I the only one left in the world who wants to be able to write things in the calendar squares? Of all the calendar round-ups I have seen on design blogs this season, NONE of them have this feature.

  3. Wow! Love your selection of calendars:). Do you by any chance know about some nice planners for 2014 as well? I am looking for the perfect one, but it is hard to come by…

  4. Beautiful beautiful picks! I am torn between that gorgeous House that Lars built one and the Frankie calendar…but such good choices to have to mull over!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Thank you so much for featuring our calendar – such a nice surprise!

    Your blog is beautiful.

    All the best from Brooklyn NY!


  6. I hear Angela Z. on this one! The calendar parts of calendars just keep getting smaller and smaller!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to post links to planner calendars :)

  8. I cannot believe how fast 2014 has come around, it sounds so futuristic! Love this round up!

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  10. thanks for the planners addition! I can understand you never write anything on them, but believe me, once you have children, you will! :)

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