poking around the life archives i discovered this marvelous photoset of young women working on ski resorts in Aspen in the 70s, photographed by John Dominis. after some more digging i managed to find the original article in the March 1971 edition of Life, which is called, wait for it, “A Very Nice Kind of Ski Bum“.

Most people’s notion of ski bum is a shiftless young male who spends most of his time searching for good powder, but the ski bums of Aspen, Colo. aren’t like that at all. They are prettier, for one thing, and many of them have lived in the resort town for more than two years. They consider the skier’s life not a parenthetical experience but a real alternative to urban existence, one free from pollution, noise and the frustration of having to choose between marriage a a less than satisfying job. The only problem they have in Aspen is finding a way to survive. With 900 newcomers arriving every year, there is a sharp shortage of both jobs and housing. But the air is fresh and clean and the longer the women stay, the prettier they seem to look.


  1. These photos are awesome and all these girls are total babes. Love the shot of the girl covered in snow! I have a similar shot of myself from when I was a kid but I’m absolutely wailing and don’t look nearly as cute as she does. xx

  2. These are fantastic. 1. Photos in snowy ski mountains taken in the 70’s have the best vibe. 2. I want this job.

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  4. Lovely! That’s so great that these women were able to choose what they wanted to do at that time in their lives. It’d be great to hear their life stories now and see what happened post-ski bumming!

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