in September photographer Alison Zavos curated a collection of photographs of fruit for a show called, well, Fruitland. she searched hundreds of photographers’ websites and chose the “freshest, strangest still life photos” to present at Photoville – a pop up exhibition space made up of freight containers at Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC. you can see more photos here.

Maybe as a response or antidote to the labored and moody Dutch still life-inspired fruit photography that has been proliferating in galleries over the past decade, young photographers are now challenging themselves to take a regular piece of fruit and make it special – adding their own strange twist to something so commonplace that anyone can pick it up at the local grocery store. This fascination with photographing fruit in the studio has spread far and wide. Fruitland includes 31 photographs from 18 international photographers.

above: Daniel Stier

above: Athos Burez

above: Florent Tanet

above: Aron Filkey & Mate Moro

left: Daan Brand | right: Aron Filkey & Mate Moro

above: Catherine Losing

above: Maciek Pozoga

left: Federico Ciamei | right: Nico Krijno

above: Maryanne Casasanta

above: Wyne Veen

above: ECAL/Maxime Guyon

above: Gilda Davidian

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