Brooklyn & LA based Madesmith is an online shop that features artisans who make limited edition textiles, jewellery, accessories, homeware and other goods with a focus on supporting local makers & craftmanship. they also feature stories on all the producers, sharing their workspaces, what inspires them, keeps them motivated, and their thoughts on the city where they live and work.

We believe in ‘buy less, buy well’. By knowing where our things come from and who makes them, not only do we cherish the things we have, we also become more aware of the environmental impact of our purchases. Through connecting with the makers, we support our local communities and preserve the craftsmanship that becomes part of our everyday culture.


  1. This is so cool! I am such a fan of supporting local artisans (I live in LA!) – thanks for sharing.

  2. Gary Marshal Reply

    Thanks for the post, I’m a big fan of Madesmith and their mission to promote mindful consumption – on top of that their stories are fascinating, their site is gorgeous and the products they feature are beautiful, keep it up!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! You’re one of our most favorite blogs and we’re truly grateful. We launch a new story every week and hope to keep everyone engaged through these amazing stories.

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