city guides are one of my favourite things to discover online (i even created my own one for Cape Town, and also a guide of sorts to places i like in NYC). i bookmark them all the time, even though i probably have no intention to travel to some of the places – it’s always handy to have in your virtual back pocket. one of the places i always wished i had a great insider’s guide to was Paris, i have been there 4 times but i always feel like DAMN there must be some cool shit that i don’t know about!

fret no more, Cereal Magazine (who i mentioned before over here) has launched an awesome series of online travel guides called Guided that i have been fortunate enough to preview. their first installment covers ten cities, and they are always updated – so if something closes or something new opens, Guided will tell you.

The digital city guides feature bespoke content and photography exploring ten cities, with ten more to follow. Taking in a concise edit of recommended hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums and beautiful, outdoor spaces and landmarks that are all hand selected, by the GUIDED curators. Hosted online, the definitive guides are updated regularly and accessible from both smart phones and tablets with a downloadable version to view use when you are offline.

you can currently preview their guide to London, and if you are also interested in NYC, Paris, Hong Kong, LA, Bath, Bristol, Austin, Charleston & Vancouver then you can subscribe for an annual fee of £20, which gives you full access to all of the travel guides. looking through all the cities has me wanting to visit places i never considered even travelling to (Vancouver looks especially amazing!) here are some of the places i’d like to see some day. just realised that most of them are restaurants because… i like to eat. all images courtesy of Guided.

The Ethicurean in Bristol from Guided

The Ethicurean in Bristol

LA Country Museum of Art by Guided

LA Country Museum of Art

Bestie in Vancouver by Guided

Bestie in Vancouver

Steven Alan Home in NYC by Guided

Steven Alan Home in NYC

Two Boroughs in Charleston by Guided

Two Boroughs in Charleston

Margaret Howell in London by Guided

Margaret Howell in London

Septime in Paris by Guided

Septime in Paris

Spartan in Austin by Guided

Spartan in Austin

Yardbird in Hong Kong by Guided

Yardbird in Hong Kong

The Marlborough Tavern in Bath by Guided

The Marlborough Tavern in Bath


  1. I love Cereal but hadn’t discovered their guides before – the London one is so gorgeous!

  2. This is so cool! I live in LA, but I plan on using this guide as well. Sometimes when you live in a place you get stuck in routines/going to the same places.

  3. Danielle DeVille Reply

    come to vancouver! it is beautiful and if you need any more info i would be happy to help

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