i have been so excited to write this post because it has been weeks (months?) in the making. i first met Neira Zahirovic last year through my husband Anton (he works with her significant other Adrian) and she had been developing a range of bags whose journey i had eagerly been following on Instagram.

Neira is a stylist & wardrobe designer working in Cape Town, and she told me that the idea for the bags came out of the need for and love of a perfect bag – one you could sling on her shoulder, but the straps would be just the right length for digging around in when you’re on the go, the interior would be white so you could actually SEE your keys (genius), you can just give it a wipe in case anything accidentally spills in there (perhaps the bottle of wine you’re carrying to the beach for sundowners?) you could basically carry your world in it, and everything would be okay. and so MOMO was born.

MOMO is an expression of fun and lightness. It’s channeled into whatever captures our imagination and expresses the mood we love – a mood that takes its cue from the colourful, sportif elegance best embodied by the late 80’s. Our first adventure is the Momo “Bag of Paradise” and MomoRomo sandal with MomoJumps (A classic Esprit-Style Jumpsuit) to follow. We encourage a ‘joie de vivre’ approach to fashion that is rooted in sustainability. The notion of classic pieces that are never trend orientated but speak rather of a deeper attachment to a particular sensibility. It is for this reason that our current range of products, as well as those to come, are never seasonal and, as time goes only subject to play and innovation.

i attended a soft launch at the end of last year and picked out my own yellow MOMO, which you may have spotted on Instagram. i’m betting that i am going to be seeing a lot of MOMOs around Cape Town this year. you can contact Neira or Donnet on [email protected] to find out more, or visit their online shop.

MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss MOMO // Miss Moss


  1. The concept is amazing, I love how they talk about it and the idea in general. But it this shape really practical ? Usually those kind of bags are kind of endless whole where you lose everything because there is no compartments. But maybe I’m wrong hu ! :)

    • I’ve been using mine all day and it’s very practical. can fit a lot in the bag, but you can easily reach in an find anything – plus there are two inner pockets for smaller things like cellphone, keys etc.

  2. These are lovely! Adding the dusty pink to my wish list. I looked them up after your Instagram pic and loved how colourful and fun they are.

  3. Reminds me of the Esprit bags of the mid 80s – I loved mine and have kept it all these years. Need to dig it back out!
    These are gorgeous, and love the color selection. Very fresh and perfect for adding color to my usual black ensembles…

    Happy weekending!

  4. How long are the straps? I am short, so often these bags are too long for me to be practical.

    Is the suede quality good?


  5. Paper Macarons Reply

    I really want one of these bags. Minimal and beautiful. Such a shame they don’t have international shipping yet. Just went to the site to purchase a bag and realised I couldn’t.

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