Stéphanie Delpon and Domitille Dallemagne are founders of Pictoresq, a french online magazine slash shop that sells designer and vintage clothing – all modeled by their own friends. each story features clothes & locations that are modeled around these “enfants terribles”, making for a nice variety of content and fashion. says Stéphanie,

I wanted to showcase my friends, because they are true characters. I wanted them to embody different stories. They are real and elegant, rough. I love the fact that they are not professionals. They sometimes come hangover, without makeup, and lough during the shoot. I love all my enfants terribles! The enfants terribles are non professional models. They have a natural elegance and a certain “je ne sais quoi”. They are not used to shootings, and yet they act as if they did it all their life.

the site is currently only in French (hello Google translate), but they are working on an English version.

Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss Pictoresq // Miss Moss


  1. Well it might be because i’m parisian but i have to say, this is actually the most normal thing i’ve ever seen in my life. SO plain and bo-ring. (i’m always amazed by Miss Moss this is why i’m disappointed)

    • sorry you feel that way, Ines. the point of the blog has always been to share things that i like with people, but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to like everything. and, i like this. also, i’m not Parisian – so it’s not boring to me.

  2. Thank you for showed us this iniciative! I love their projects, and I don’t think that they are boring, they are natural.
    I’m very surprised because this days you don’t expect to found people who act like themselves

  3. Come on guys, all your friends look like this ? and all parisians all look good liek that? ive been there…and its so not the reality. it is not ugly but except selling clothes to old rich parisians i dont see the point of this website trying to fart harder than it actually is.

  4. Indeed Diana, calm down, I think the point is to create something beautiful, and I must say they are pretty good at it! Of course they look amazing but not as models you can usually see on magazines. They are tall or petite, not necessarily a size S and they all have some kind of special touch and yes some of this elegance that seems quite French to me.

  5. I’m sorry i had a bad day and posted this dumb comment… It’s just that i feel that parisians always tend to do the same thing. It gets old to me (i’m in the design field so i see tons of things like that all the time), and this city is a lot more different (and more interesting!) (and more authentic!) than that. I just wanted to give my very personal opinion about it but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t like it.

    • i understand. the same thing can be said for Cape Town, too. please share the different / interesting / authentic stuff!

  6. Well there are a few designers i know and like:
    first of all Yves Dagorne, who’s a fashion student and creates beautiful pictures about “another reality”:
    Also, this tumblr introduces some work made by the talented students in graphic design & fashion design of the Ecole d’Arts Appliqués Duperré:
    The fashion collections created by my dear friend Anthony Alexis Ravut, aka AAR:
    And last but not least, one of our most talented illustrators, Vincent Broquaire:

    It’s all i can think of for now but i’ll be happy to share more in the future!
    Thanks for your blog!

  7. I like the pictures from the woman and the lion because they have something in common.

    Kind regards,


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