i’m sitting here, early morning in cape town, with my cup of coffee… and a face mask on. i love this time of day. most people are still sleeping and i feel like i have a secret few hours to just sit in the quiet and do whatever i want. hence the face mask, everyone does their weird personal rituals when they find themselves alone, right? think secret single behaviour.

so i came upon natural skincare range Morning Calm on just such a morning, and in light of my recent skin post i thought i’d continue sharing sweet beauty finds like this. handmade by creator Hwasoon Kim, who is from Korea but now based in Florida, the range was born from the need to care for her own sensitive skin.

I have struggled for a long time to find the right skin care products for myself and for my mom. Because we both have very sensitive combination skin, and are allergic to many synthetic ingredients. After going through many different natural cosmetic books, aromatherapy books, and Asian traditional herbal care books, I started experimenting with lotions, toners, cleansing oils, lip balms, nourishing creams and so many other things alone. One year self-taught, researching and experimenting, then I finished several expert courses in cosmetic and soap making in Korea.

she makes soaps, cleansing oils, lip balms, natural deodorant – all with homegrown herbs, Korean clays, and local organic products. you can buy online at her website or etsy store. i love her sweet, simple packaging.

Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm Morning Calm


  1. I’m growing increasingly tired of over-marketed cosmetic products that don’t necessarily have beneficial ingredients in them, so I love discovering skincare shops from Etsy! It helps that the minimalist packaging is simply adorable.

  2. I’m very happy I stumbled upon this post, I’ve been trying to find products like these a lot lately since it seems everything I use on my face seems to it irritate it somehow. The simple packinging couldn’t be more perfect.

  3. I love small cosmrtic lines!

    Here in Moscow we have small russian brand Pure Love. Katerina it’s owner makes organic creams using corneotherapy knowledge!
    And my fav perfume as well called Solaris after Tarkovsky famous film.


  4. I love the aesthetics of this brand.. so clean and minimal. I have to agree with you. Mornings are definitely the best.

  5. I’ve been using hwasoon’s cleansing oil for two years now, and I live on her rose lip balm in the winter! She makes amazing things, (seriously, that black soap is so so good,) and she’s the sweetest to deal with. Go Hwasoon!!

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  7. i love everything about hwasoon,
    her words and photos and her handmade products.

    it’s been two years already .. and i still
    have a soap she made in my bathroom.

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