i LOVE Matisse. see evidence of my massive adoration for him here. so when i saw this exceptional Matisse inspired AW 14/15 pre-collection by talented twin sister design duo Tata Naka, i could not help but do a mash up.

Tata-Naka is designed by Georgian-born identical twins, Tamara and Natasha Surguladze. They arrived in London in 1996 to study design at Central St Martin’s and in 2000 Barneys NYC dedicated a wall to their awe-inspiring graduation collection. The Tata-Naka statement pieces regularly starred in the legendary series ‘’Sex in the City’’ and were worn by Carrie Bradshaw on the cover of the official book.

you can see the entire collection here. images c/o courtesy of Tata Naka. Henri Matisse clippings c/o Wikipaintings.

Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss Tata Naka // Miss Moss


  1. OMG, this mash up you created is absolutely amazing. They bring the colors to life. They should really collab in the future to create one kick ass look book.

  2. These. Mashups. Are. Fabulous. I am such a huge fan of Matisse, and I agree with Nia – also wish they were the official lookbook!

  3. I feel like my eyes just had the grandest visual feast of their lives. Great job. xxoo

  4. wow! these are so amazing! just looking at the first few gave me an inspirational rush, and then i kept scrolling and now i feel like i HAVE to go make something ;)
    thanks for sharing!

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  6. I get so happy when I see a color caparison / mashup on your site! Everyone is right, this should be their lookbook, Job well done!!

  7. love when you do this. perfect inspiration for something i’ve got up my sleeve!

  8. you are incredible! If I ever release a dress line or something Im coming to YOU to make some of these!! <3

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