i have had some exciting news to share for a while now, but because this past month was so busy i kinda kept it on the back burner. after working from home for too long i finally found a studio space in the centre of Cape Town – and we move in next month! we being my friend Pauli and i. even though working from home has its obvious perks, it can also be kinda depressing. you have to make an effort to get out of the house, but sometimes it’s not that easy when you’re tied to your computer all day long. i have, of all things, been craving the routine of getting up, getting dressed, and just going to work. walking to the office and grabbing a coffee on the way – these are the weird little rituals i have been missing since working from home.

needless to say i have been hoping to find an affordable studio for a LONG time! i don’t have any pictures of the space to share just yet, but we’re talking wooden floors and white walls and big windows that let a lot of light in. squueeeeeeee.

now there’s the matter of furnishing the place. i know it’s going to be a work in progress for a while, and i probably can only afford a trestle table at this stage… but the dream is always nice! and if there’s one place i can dream, it’s here.

all images c/o of their respective owners. please click  on the links for sources.
you can see more inspiration on my office space pinterest board.

An Office // Miss Moss

above: love these glossy white table tops and yellow chairs. c/o Homestyle Magazine photo by Duncan Innes.

An Office // Miss Moss

left: the Collector’s Shelving System by Amuneal | right: the Butler Table Lamp by Mia Widlake

An Office // Miss Moss

above: the Din Desk by Gompf Kehrer. desk + shelving in one = yes.

An Office // Miss Moss

above: offices of 95 Yesler c/o Coco + Kelley

An Office // Miss Moss

above: shelf by New Tendency

An Office // Miss Moss

above: the Saw Horse Desk by Hedge House

An Office // Miss Moss

above: a colourful shelving system / room divider by Raul de la Cerda

An Office // Miss Moss

above: absolutely love the colourful studio of Home-Work as featured by The Design Files

An Office // Miss Moss

above: hanging desk organizer

An Office // Miss Moss

left: faceted planter by Raw Originals | right: pencil holder by Chocolate Creative


above: the Of A Kind offices


above: the workspace of Lotta Nieminen


left: marble bookends by e15 | right: DIY shelf by Scandi Home


above: foldable shelf by Meike Harde


above: love these incredible storage + seating pieces by Muller van Severen.

An Office // Miss Moss

above: the home office of Madelynn Furlong

An Office // Miss Moss

above: home office styling by Trendeser

An Office // Miss Moss

above: moodboard of Sarah Sherman Samuel c/o A Beautiful Mess

An Office // Miss Moss

left:  pegboard image c/o Zenz Homestore | right: DIY pencil block by Weekday Carnival

An Office // Miss Moss

above: love a simple trestle table & the colourful workspace of Katherine of Pichulik c/o Elle Deco


  1. I totally agree! In starting when I left my job and started writting as a passion.. I suddenly started missing those daily small rituals like getting up on time, Get dressed well even lost my eating schedule…

    My idea is: Even tho i go out/office or not I get dressed up so well like i am going to office… it really gives me a great feeling and energy to work or to go out anytime :) Refreshes my mind, make me feel like I am still a working women not a house maker :)

  2. Congrats! You never cease to inspire me. All the best, exciting times ahead for you. May all your dreams become a reality.

  3. i am so jealous!
    i also work from home, which i absolutely adore, but having your own space what a dream come true.
    thanks for having the best blog around ever!
    you are such an inspiration and a total dream, love absolutely everything!

  4. Congratulations! It’s really funny, I have been day dreaming about designing a home office with inspiration like this, and here you are so excited to have your own studio space. It’s always nice to have a change of pace – keep us all updated with your design process!

  5. all these offices are beautiful, but most of the chair choices lead me to believe those people don’t actually work many long hours at those desks. I feel bad of the people at the Of A Kind offices, those wooden chairs! my back hurts just looking at them.

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