i went for a little window shopping jaunt during my lunch hour and realised that suddenly it is straight up winter in our local shops. which is quite ridiculous because it’s still the middle of February and it’s HOT outside. it will be for a while still. yet, the colours have suddenly gone from bright summer hues to dour winter shades and – for the first time in my life – i actually lamented the onset of winter. why does winter = blacks and dark reds and navy and all that other stuff that is so readily associated with the cold? i want to wear bright things all year long (well, theoretically, since i usually just wear jeans and tops – but you know what i’m saying)

and this is something that i have of course noticed online as well. since most of the sites i browse are in the northern hemisphere, where you guys are obviously DYING for spring, the mood has completely changed as if people are almost saying, “it’s coming! summer is coming!!”. probably one of my favourite online shops to browse is & Other Stories * – and they have embraced this wholeheartedly as is evidenced on their front page. flowers and pastels and bright pops of colour so damn cheerful i can almost hear birds singing.

it’s awesome.

* i can’t attest to their overall quality because i have never been to any of their shops in person, but my husband actually bought me a dress from there when he was overseas recently (after i helpfully sent him screenshots of “things i like”) and it is lovely. akin to Zara or any other big retailer.

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  1. Yes, we are d-y-i-n-g for spring here in Brooklyn! I love following your blog because we are in different hemispheres. Seeing your bright posts about summer, filled with sunshine and vibrant colors, while it’s cold and dreary here in New York, always keep me positive about things to come. Thank you!

  2. …and we are L U S T I N G after spring here in Stockholm! Sunshine today! : ) And as usual we talk all about the sun, as if it was the first time we’ve ever seen the sun (it feels like this every year), and everyone go bananas! We eat our lunches outside under blankets in the cold, go out walking, anything to squeeze the last rays of light from the sun’s modest entrance. I can fully understand the old egyptians that worshipped the sun :-D

  3. Their shops are beautiful. I can recommend the lingerie, it’s affordable, fits nice and they keep their shape and colour. I also love their bodycare range, (especially ‘botanic whisper’) the scents were created by the perfumer of Byredo and it’s like a soft perfume that lasts the whole day.

  4. Other Stories is my absolute favourite shop right now. Massively reasonable and hugely stylish. Their makeup is also fantastic. I would quite happily move in to the store on Regent Street! Cx

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