For Oms is an interesting jewellery line based in China. they also have an online shop.

The original intention when ForOms was founded is trying to enlarge the space inside every piece of jewelry, to fill it with spirit and knowledge, therefore turn jewelry into a carrier to convey concept and ideology. Every piece of jewelry from ForOms is the result of a deep exploration and research under some themes, the concept of them are mostly based on the discussion of human existence and how it’s interacting with everything else, the thinking and interpretation of different world outlooks. They are to be worn as the carrier of the owner’s spirit and thought, as an outer storage of the wearer’s inner self-expression.

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  1. I’m definitely more the flashy accessories kind of girl, but I admit that delicate fashion jewelry has its own charm. I love the idea of the last piece especially. Realistically speaking, however, it’s not something to wear for every day.

  2. I REALLY like this jewelry, so unique and different from what is mostly out there. Thanks for sharing!

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