i have been hearing grumblings around the internet that it’s HOT in LA at the moment. i can’t help but be a little smug, because on this side of the world we are experiencing optimal autumn weather. sunny, but cold, with the occasional rain shower… I LOVE IT. i think that LA is quite similar to Cape Town weather wise, so perhaps we have just directly swapped seasons. well, you guys can enjoy your boiling hot days for the time being.

Anton and i have been threatening to visit dear friends in LA, so maybe one day i will make my way over there (it’s just SO FAR from here). i don’t know where these specific photos were taken, but they are from LIFE magazine in 1944, by Peter Stackpole. the gals look like they are having a great time, either way. anyone have an idea of the location?

Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944 Spring in LA, 1944


  1. Oh my gosh these photos are just fabulous! Looks like a warm retreat… We’re getting Autumn-like weather today in Atlanta but I know that it will be much warmer in the coming days!

  2. These are lovely. I am in LA and it is TERRIBLE right now. There are firenadoes. FIRENADOES. I didn’t even know those existed.

  3. This is definitely Scripps College, my alma mater as well! I thought it looked familiar, but then I saw Graffiti Wall and I knew for sure! :)

  4. UGH, I am definitely jealous of your weather right now. Chilly but sunny is the absolute BEST. We are having a crazy heat wave in Portland but thankfully will be rescued by a weekend of rain…

  5. Hi Miss Moss!
    Scripps is also my Alma Mater, but let me get more specific for you!
    The first 4 pictures are from the 3rd floor balcony of Browning, my dorm room. In fact, that was where I lived my senior year. We had our own private balcony! I would sit exactly where those women are and drink a beer watching the sunset with my best friend every night.
    The pictures of the pool, well, they had to tear that down before I got there, but built another one.
    Then with all the “graffiti” is the student’s rose garden. They grow roses so we can pick them and put them in our dorms.
    The big processional of people is coming out of Toll Hall, and you can see Mt. Baldy and the San Gabriels in the background.
    If you ever get a chance, head to Claremont. The town has gotten quite cool, and walk around Scripps!
    -Stefani, Class of ’04

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