i thought i’d start featuring some of my favourite people on Instagram in a new feature called Double Tap – in case you are, like me, always looking for someone new to follow.

if there’s one person’s photos i am always double tapping, it’s Lauren of vintage shop Dear Golden. this woman is a magician of style. i love seeing her vintage discoveries – the wedding dresses she finds are out of this world. i’m always keeping an eagle eye on her feed in case something pops up in my size (i’ve bought a number of items from her this way!)

she was also one of my very first sponsors, so i have a very soft spot for Dear Golden. a worthy person to kick off Double Tap, don’t you think?


  1. Great, I am always on the hunt for new (at least to me) and promising Instagrammers. Thanks for introducing Dear Golden, Lauren has a great vintage taste and my Instagram feed needed just that.


  2. Aw! Yes! I’m such a fan of Laurens. I have an instagram addiction as well. It’s just so inspiring and I’ve met so many lovely, talented people through it. You can find me @jade_melissa

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