i know it’s not August YET. but on friday it will be, and today i can’t stop thinking about it. August. A U G U S T. so, here’s a music mix to celebrate!

please don’t ask me to put this on spotify or any other streaming thing that you happen to use. i use soundcloud specifically for these reasons: it’s free, it works in my country, there are no ads, i discover a lot of amazing music through it and the bands themselves upload their own new tracks on the regular. if you use the app then it’s even handier.

so, August. here it is (almost). enjoy. just press play below! and GO.


  1. this is the first playlist i have heard by you. it’s great! thanks!

  2. Where do you find all of this wonderful music? Any blogs you’d recommend checking out on the reg? Obsessed with Sylvan Esso…

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