Jen Stillwell is a designer based in NYC who started her leather company All Hands when she was working on a ship, travelling around the world as a member of an artisan development fund aimed at promoting and supporting indigenous artisans. her pieces are SO SO SO beautiful. this one in particular made my heart beat a little faster.

In order to combat the extreme solitude that sometimes comes with living at sea, I set up a portable leather studio in the bow of the ship. It was during this time that I decided to start creating my own designs after years of apprenticing for various master leather craftsmen both in Argentina and the UK. It is my goal to start with domestic production of goods, and over time to move a percentage of my production overseas to artisan groups and women’s collectives in order to help support a sense of purpose, pride, better wages and fairer working conditions in communities which may not otherwise support these ideals.

All Hands on deck. buy them here.

All Hands


  1. Oh my! I LOVE these! I’ve rarely seen anything so beautifully made and gorgeously designed. I love them! Thanks for sharing

  2. Yay! Pour Porter also stock the Space Station Canteen bags (it also comes in natural) and my heart skipped a beat when I saw them! So glad to see them getting the attention they deserve!

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