i have a very bizarro habit of browsing ASOS for dresses… often. i don’t know what it is, probably because i like to be overly prepare for things (eg buying a new outfit for a wedding that’s 6 months away, or getting my summer dresses now while it’s still raining). so, may as well turn my obsession into something helpful. looking for a dress? i’ve got you covered.

just click on the fancy little icons to be taken to the dress.

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  1. this is the greatest, seriously. i can’t even tell you how overwhelmed i get searching ASOS for dresses (there are just SO.MANY.), this is so helpful since i trust your taste! :)

  2. i have an hypothetical shopping basket on asos, but too scared to actually place the order, ’cause custom charges. have you had stuff delivered to CT? what’s the damage like? yours in imaginary shopping, kate.

  3. I usually get overwhelmed by the amount of items available for sale on ASOS, but now I know that the real search needs to start in the dress section (and maybe even end there too). Those wedding dresses are perfect. I also really love the shift and floral dresses on the right.

    DW | http://www.daundra.com

  4. I can vouch for how great that pencil dress looks and fits. I bought it in black for my wedding shower and it’s utterly perfection!

  5. i’m obsessed with asos. i love their smock dresses! those wedding dresses are super pretty too.

  6. Oh thank you so much for this post. Searching ASOS can sometimes get pretty intimidating with all the 1……78…..156 pages. Love your selection. :)

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