Toino Abel was started by Nuno Henriques with the aim to preserve the tradition of Portuguese reed basket weaving. Nuno’s great-grandfather José began his basket-weaving business in the small Portuguese village of Castanheira, and today the business is still run by Nuno’s grand-aunt and employs 6 weavers who make the baskets by hand just as they have always been made.

My great-grandfather initiated this craft of weaving seemingly fragile materials into sturdy objects. The reed baskets became popular in the entire country and are now seen as part of our Portuguese heritage. Nevertheless, today the craft is at risk to come to an end. Once the last generation of remaining craftsmen and women pass away, the Portuguese tradition of reed basket making might die out with them. Toino Abel aims to preserve, cherish and share this beautiful craft with you. Each basket has been manufactured in the same technique throughout generations in a strictly handmade process. We aim to keep it that way and carry on the tradition.

you can buy them on Etsy.

Toino Abel


  1. oh, it’s so great to see a little bit of portuguese tradition in your blog!
    these bags are in the memories of every child in portugal and i’m so proud of toino abel for recovering and adding some smart design to what was already perfect and making it even more beautiful and useful!

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