every day i go online i think, this is it – there’s nothing new for me to discover. i know all the clothing designers, i have seen it all. nope. wrong. every day there’s something new-to-me. i was actually surprised i hadn’t come across Reformation before (pardon me Americans if i am super slow on the uptake, so uncool!) they make these damn beautiful dresses that you can buy in a variety of colours & patterns. yes! that’s the dream.

oh, and there’s a wedding section which is pretty sweet. i could see a cool bride in this.



    • LOVE. just got my ASOS dress – would have liked a Scarlet or a Citronella more though!

  1. Beautiful dresses! I love the Noelle and Azalea dress, I would definitely buy those :) I’ll have to check out the website and especially the wedding section (I’m going to get married next year!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, there is none, that I don’t like….they are all amazing! Hope to see more of them in future :)

  3. Wow! All of these dresses are so gorgeous. Love the simplicity of so many of them. So chic!

  4. I agree – beautiful dresses & clothes! I have a top from them I adore.

    Buuuuut…. you left out sharing one of the best bits about them!

    Reformation is, in their words, a company that operates under an awareness that,
    “The textile industry is one of the the most
    chemically dependent industries on earth and the
    #2 polluter of clean water. Yuck. We make our
    clothes from three different types of materials:
    1) new bad ass sustainable materials,
    2) repurposed
    vintage clothing and
    3) rescued deadstock fabric
    from fashion houses that over-ordered.

    They are sustainable, mindful, & they also design, manufacture, photograph and ship everything from the same warehouse in LA. The building, and the design process from mindspring to manufacture to delivery – is housed under the bower of incorporating and implementing green processes and materials throughout their business.

    I feel Reformation is an amazing business to watch in how the modern designer can (and should behave) – even if they don’t follow the same guidelines to a T, just being aware of your impact on the environment, and social & business landscape, and taking this into consideration as a core value and concern that trickles down to most every step of the process – while still being able to put out highly bad-ass, covetable clothes ;) They prove everyone can find their creative niche & pair it with giving a damn, however that manifests for each person..

    Cheers Reformation!
    (and Cheers to you and your wonderful site as well!)


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