it’s funny that i have never done any kind of house tour, but the truth is our place is not pinterest worthy. not that it has to be. i could show you pics of the dishes in the sink and the weird basket i keep under the bathroom cabinet that’s filled with toiletries that are probably 5 years old (but i can’t seem to bring myself to throw away? what’s with that). but, you know, it’s not that cool. we don’t live in a magazine house and we probably never will.

but i do enjoy sharing the occasional snippet on instagram, when i have tidied and the light is hitting some magical corner of the flat just at the right moment. i decided to put all our art and prints up on the bare walls last week – so, here are some of our nice corners.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

this is the wall above our dining room table – the biggest and most intimidating one of all. i rearranged those pics about 20 times before deciding on an arrangement. then i left them for 24 hours before finally thinking, okay that’ll do. even now i’m not 100% sure about it. but the beauty is i can always rearrange them. some of the artists pictured from left to right: Andrzej Urbanski, bird print by João Lelo, unknown graphic artist, painting of Paris by my dad, goodbye winter print by Jordan Metcalf, heart cut-outs by Karen Cronje, lion around by Katrin Coetzer.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

our entrance hallway. notice my hair brush peeking out of the right corner. that kind of crap is always lying around the flat, i can’t even manage to hide it when i’m trying to take a nice picture. the big gold frame was found at a charity shop, and i printed out the vintage poster on the cheap. embroidered Girl with a Pearl Earring also found at a charity shop.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

this is the sentimental wall in our lounge. thumb prints from our wedding, two photographs from our recent road trip, wooden bench inherited from Anton’s gran, statue of Diana / Artemis given to me by Anton’s mom (who got it from her mother-in-law), photo from our wedding, etc.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

Anton’s reading / TV watching chair, which we got from Space for Life.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

the huge print was a gift from my friend Jessica who inherited from the previous owners of her old restaurant. the shelves are from Vamp.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

our decidedly unglamorous bedroom wall, complete with mismatched side tables and bedside lamps! notice all the books on Anton’s side and zero on mine. pillows from Nest in stellenbosch.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

my “dressing table”. print from Fieldguided. painting by my talented sister-in-law given to me for my bridal shower (she knows i love Frida). mirror from Vamp.


  1. Wow you have such a great collection of art/prints!

    We’ve hardly committed to putting any holes in the walls around here so kudos to your lot!

    Ps. These corners are definitely pinterest-worthy – you’re too modest!

  2. Loved this peek! Looks fab and definitely many pinterest worthy corners! Love the dolly vase!

  3. What are you talking about?! This place is just gorgeous! :) So pretty! Simple, classy – and still a bit bohemian! ;) Thanks for sharing.

  4. This looks like a place I would like to live in, for sure. What’s important is that it brings you pleasure, trying to keep a house perfectly styled would drive me crazy in 5 minutes! I, too, have the weird bathroom basket – I use the old things, but keep buying new things to re-fill it, thus perpetuating the problem – for the last 15 years, and counting.

  5. Your home looks wonderful – certainly Pinterest worthy! Thank you for sharing with us :)

  6. lovely lovely home! so into the prints above your bed. if that’s not what you call magazine worthy i honestly don’t know what is x

  7. You have a gorgeous place – lots of color and variety, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. It’s very you. :)

  8. Hi Diana! Your home is curated beautifully and best of all, each piece has a story! I love that!

    I’m on the hunt for some frames to get some of my own art framed/hung. Would you mind sharing some of your favorite frame shops? I’d love to know where you got the natural wood frames that are holding those beautiful mountain photos (next to your wedding invite). Any information would be helpful :)

    • hey Cassie, unfortunately i got everything framed in cape town (south africa) so i’m not too sure my recommendations would be of any help to you :)

  9. …any space with a Manhattan movie poster is Pinterest-worthy to me!

  10. Each and every single one of these is Pin-worthy. You have a really good eye for colour and texture <3

  11. how in all creation is your place not pinterest worthy? it’s freaking amazing! im going to pin this like a beast

  12. Loved this!!! Definitely beautiful vignettes everywhere – and frankly makes me feel better that someone feels the same way about their house – i.e. the mess is everywhere and so hard to hide! I’m sure if I could magic away all the clutter I’d find some corners I love too. Thanks so much for sharing your home!

  13. I love the way you’ve decorated your space, thank you for sharing! I just moved into a new spot in San Francisco and it’s funny how little things like hanging pictures make you feel so much more at home! Luckily my boyfriend has taken it upon himself to be the designated picture hanger, I know I would get way to obsessive. It’s a good lesson for me in relinquishing control. Though my favorite (admittedly very strange) painting of a chihuahua was relegated to the hallway which I’m still not sure how I feel about :/ hehe

  14. Wow, I love your space. Thanks for sharing; it’s inspiring.

    I would agree with the other commenters who said your space is most definitely worthy of Pinterest. Still, all that really matters is that it is curated to fit you. It seems to include bits and pieces of memories that you want to cherish and items that you love, which makes all the difference.

    I think you’ve got a beautiful collection of artwork and am always pleased to see indoor plant life.

    Dee |

  15. So beautiful, Diana! My boyfriend and I moved into our flat about 10 months ago and it does take time to really assemble everything and find the right places – but it’s so rewarding. It’s our first place so everything had to be bought/gifted, which is making it a very slow process. But so worth it!
    Your home looks beautiful – personal and stylish without trying hard. I love all your art works and the plants dotted around :)
    Hi from Berlin!

  16. Such beautiful corners!

    I love the crates in the entrance hall, where are they from?


  17. You know, Diana, your home IS pinterest-worthy. Because it’s super real, but also really lovely. I find it inspiring because its not unattainable. I know that you and your husband are not super-wealthy and have had to work for what you’ve had. I ADMIRE that about you, and for that I find your home design all the more honorable and swoon-worthy.

    (an ex-Bird shopgirl and Brooklynite)

  18. Hi, saw these on Instagram – gorgeous!

    Wondering: where did you find those vintage travel posters. You say you printed them out on the cheap – assume that means you found them online somewhere?


  19. Where is the lovely rug from in front of the reading chair? Love it!

  20. i think your walls are absolutely gorgeous. everything is so restrained and really allows the art to shine. also, love your simple bedroom set up. it’s perfect.

  21. I’m wondering if your SIL would paint another Frida for another Frida fangirl? Hope so!

  22. gorgeous home! simple, tasteful, comfortable, and reflective of you… love your art and furniture selections. thanks for sharing a sneak peek!

  23. Hi there, Can you tell me where you got the rug in the picture with Anton’s reading/tv watching chair? We just moved and need a rug for our living room, and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  24. Anyone know if those heart cut-outs by Karen Cronje are one of a kind?
    Would be the perfect gift for my cardiologist friend who’s just opening his own practice…

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