sadly the only time i ever buy a magazine these days is when i am about to get on a flight and i know i’m going to be without wi-fi for the next few hours (also, i recently dropped & broke my trusty kindle so now that option has flown out of the proverbial window seat). i’ll get 2 or 3 lady mags from the usual selection at the airport book store, and then flip through them – slowly – so as to pass the time. but inevitably i find myself sitting there with nothing to do because, well, they’re just not my thing. there has been a quiet resurgence of intelligent print magazines in the last few years, most started by sets of like-minded people who are unsatisfied with what’s currently out there, and many are self-funded in today’s print-is-dead-all-hail-the-internet climate. this is exactly what Roxanne Fequiere (editor-in-chief) and Allison o’Shea (creative director) set out to do with Golly. and, together with an amazing team, they’ve succeeded.

Our mission was to create a “ladymag” that didn’t feel cringeworthy, one-note, and/or vapid, and we looked to magazines like LIFE, Gentry, and mid-century Esquire for inspiration as we went about putting it together. As we began brainstorming this project, we knew that we wanted this to be a print venture. Risky, we know, but so worth it. We’re currently seeking funding through Kick Starter, a campaign that is going very well, I might add. The fund raising will allow us to continue working with amazing contributors, including Heather Sten, Amanda Jasnowski, Lizzie Garret Mettler and Jimmy Marble.

Allison (whose blog i have been a fan of for years) was kind enough to send me their first issue and i am still making my way through it! highlights: a round table discussion with successful editors in the publishing business (think Refinery 29 and Rookie), a beeeaaaautiful editorial called TOO HOT and an interview with pâtissier Ayako Kurokawa of Burrow fame. you can pre-order your copy by supporting their Kickstarter campaign here.

they also have a great tumblr & cool instagram to follow.

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  1. I feel so glad that you mention this! So many times I find myself lost in front of the magazine rack at train stations. Though my notebook is always with me I just can’t concentrate enough to work on my projects during train rides. Also I don’t want to shell 5 Euros or more for basically an edition of nicely collected adwork. There are also some indie mag options but they’re even more expensive and focused on editorial, too. I miss the times when Vanity Fair was sold here in Germany… and it was only 2 bucks!

  2. I’m just like you :) I’m not a big fan of typical women magazines, I can’t connect with the vapid articles and the one or two good articles that I do occasionally find are not worth buying the entire magazine. Plus, as a photography enthusiast, I often look for photography inspiration in magazines but the style of glossy magazines is not really my thing. I’ve become a fan of indie magazines such as Frankie, Kinfolk and Majestic Casual for both style and content.

    I’ll definitely look into Golly, I hope they ship to Belgium! :)

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