i come across a lot of things during my week that don’t necessarily fit into the category of These Things or Nice Things, but that i usually tweet about or just email to my friends. that’s one of the main ways that i, too, discover interesting and/or enjoyably distracting things online – especially from geniuses such as Jessica, whose READ LOOK THINK posts i always look forward to, and Of A Kind’s 10 Things We’re Doing newsletter which is just excellent.

now i too will be sharing bits and pieces in my new Mid Week Distraction posts. every Wednesday. i know people usually post links and things at the end of the week, but come Friday i am usually so sick of looking at my computer the last thing i want to do is surf the web!

Mid Week Distraction: Issue 01

Wild Born

an amazing photo series of a girl’s journey to womanhood in the Himba tribe of Namibia.

Mid Week Distraction: Issue 01

Rise & Shine

what kids around the world eat for breakfast… the Dutch surprised me the most!

Mid Week Distraction: Issue 01

Lesley the Pony

probably the weirdest video i have seen in a while, guaranteed to make you laugh.

Miss Moss


the only time i have enjoyed something featuring a giant spider

Miss Moss

On Marriage

Amelia Earhart’s pre-nuptial letter to her husband, written in 1931.

Miss Moss

Topics of Conversation

napkins printed with various conversation starters.

Miss Moss

a simple salad worth eating

one of my favourite things to eat, but so difficult to make yourself!

Miss Moss

3 ingredient fudge

this only contains coconut oil, cocoa and honey – and it is delicious.

Miss Moss




Nature Is Speaking

a powerful campaign.

Miss Moss

Cape Town from the air

yes, those are sharks.

Miss Moss

Little Portraits

commission a portrait from Krisatomic!

Miss Moss

Yoga Joes

made me smile :)



i’d like to ask you guys about what you think of the blog these days. what do you want to see more of? (and what do you want to see less of?) i have always been a blog-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal, sharing as i go and not really planning ahead because i enjoy the spontaneous nature of the site. but if you want to see more of something – eg music, design, photography, or just personal posts – please let me know!

oh and just some technical notes: please remember you can view the site in Magazine Mode (quick! easy!) and you can also subscribe to posts via email.


  1. I’d like to know more about your personal taste in pop culture (TV series and stuff) for example. I am Italian and I look forward to improving my understanding of English both spoken and written. You introduced me to “Serial” with a tweet earlier this week and I found it amazing (I’m listening to ep 2). More of this please! Your blog is neat, interesting, coherent. I think you add a wise amount of your personal life and this makes it even nicer to follow. Ciao!

    • aaah that’s a good suggestion, thanks! i actually tend to talk a lot about my favourite tv shows etc on Twitter – but i’ll be sure to share them here, the mid week distraction posts seem like the right platform for them (as i can never justify an entire post dedicated to, say, the latest episode of The Mindy Project…. or CAN I?!)

  2. I love your blog, it’s consistently one of my favorites. One of my favorite parts of your blog is the sense of unpredictability: while you do have regular features I’m consistently surprised and impressed by their content.

    Also this post is one of my favorites in recent memory.

  3. Keep the artists coming. I’ve discovered a lot of great work through this blog


  4. Your blog is one of only 2 or 3 that I read right now. I love it!
    please feature more painting and design. @carolynj on IG

    • oh yay i am glad you are still reading this one, I know so many people can’t even be bothered with blogs these days :)

  5. Earhart’s pre-nup letter was a great read, thanks for sharing. I’m a fairly new reader of yours, but would say that I was hooked when you did the artful comparisons for DELPOZO’s spring 2014 collection. I also liked the spring 2015 fashion/runway trends you compiled, that was great. All in all, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your posts. You feature unique items, compared to most other blogs that feature repeat things and I quite like your commentary as well.

    • thanks Rosie, yes i try not to feature things that i have seen around too much. i love doing the Comparison posts! i really want to pick those up again.

  6. I’m a huge fan of the blog. I visited Cape Town once (sadly I didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted to as it was a school trip) and like to tell myself I’ll go back one day, so I especially enjoy all the glimpses into life there (good lord, could it be any more beautiful?!) and your recommendations. I’d love to hear more about you personally and your day-to-day life, but that probably makes me sound like a creep. Either way I love stopping by here (yours is one of the few blogs I actually visit instead of just viewing on my feedly) and seeing the incredible way you present consistently unique content. I am always inspired!

    • hey thanks Gabi :) i always thought i couldn’t really justify doing ‘personal’ posts here unless they are somehow image related (because the blog is so ‘visual’) but i guess i just need to figure out a way to incorporate more things from my day to day life here… i think more of my own photography and documenting trips, day to day life etc is probably the answer.

  7. I have been reading your blog for years, it is definitely my favorite and the most consistently cool blog out there! I love your color comparisons and I’m getting excited for this winter’s gift guides! What you do is great, Always interesting, beautiful and entertaining. good job!

    • haha that’s funny cause i almost didn’t want to do gift guides this year – but i will just for you!

  8. Yours is the only blog I’ve kept reading for years – it’s so consistently full of interesting and quality pieces and posts, plus the whole design is so visually lovely! I’d also like a few more personal posts on your day-to-day life and recommendations on music, tv etc (like the first person who commented, I’ve discovered a few things from your tweets). And I’d never say no to a post on The Mindy Project…

    You do a really great job, I love clicking on every evening to see something new, and the blog brightens up my day. Thank you!

    • aw thanks Catherine. i’m quite excited now to share more pop culture stuff! i do a fair share of tv watching, ya know…

  9. hey there! I see a lot of blogs but somehow, you are doing something incredible powerful. I have many times been incredibly inspired by your posts, which is rare, not because I am special but because there is so much out there. I like to have a cup of tea and it just clicks. I am incredibly visual person so for me music, art, photos and videos are the it things. Fashion and jewellery a little less. Just be you!

    • ah that’s great to know, sometimes i do feel like i do more fashion stuff than anything else (which is why i get called a “fashion blogger”) because it’s so overwhelmingly available to me and also something that i get a lot of submissions for. i do LOVE it, but i too also really like photography, art etc and i think you’re right i should be doing a bit more of it. thanks!

  10. Your blog has been my favorite for quite some time now! Your posts are always impeccable and refreshing. I particularly liked the new beauty picks post you did with the emoji’s it was quirky and playful yet very informative!

    Keep up the great work!

    • thanks Arielle i really loved doing the emoji beauty post – i had to find a way to do it in a tongue-in-cheek manner because i’m no beauty expert, so i hope that people found it helpful (but in a “this is what your best friend might suggest that you buy at Sephora” kind of way).

  11. Once at university I was asked to stand up and go over to the computer and show a blog that I loved. (As I looked like a girl who liked a good blog) and I did, yours. I stood there scrolling feeling proud. Haha, I’m guessing I was proud of myself for finding your blog, but also proud of you for constantly filling my head with amazingness.HAHAHA (Too gushy?) I don’t know how you find the time to scour like you do, but I am so glad that you do. I always leave your blog feeling good, sometimes from a new designer discovery, or sometimes just a new colour palette from a photo series you’ve posted. Whatever it is there is always something different that i haven’t seen before. I am so appreciative of your posts that I have to wait until my flat is clean and looking good, I have a cup of tea and maybe (multiple) biscuits before I can allow myself to type ‘miss moss’ and check, and hope, that you have posted a new post for me to droll and beam over.

    I hope this wasn’t an overly creepy ‘I LOVE YOU’ response to your Q? I just wanted you to feel even jammier about yourself, than you should do already! Your blog really is great. Also, I really enjoy ‘These Things’ and ‘Nice things’ so more of those would always be great! But, either way I will continue to swoon over miss moss for what I hope will be many, many posts to come. Thank you!

    • WOW that is probably the sweetest comment E V E R. gush away, Scarlett, gush away. you just made my day.

      (this is why i keep blogging even on days when i feel like what the HELL am i doing?!)

  12. I love your blog and am excited for more of these mid-week distraction posts. My only personal preference would be more posts in the “food” and “living” categories. Although it’s worth noting that your blog has a nice balance of content, even though you don’t do much planning ahead. Whatever you choose to add or deduct, I’m sure I’ll stick around for the good read. ;)

    Dee | http://www.daundra.com

    • you know what it’s kind of amazing that i don’t do more posts about FOOD because it’s what i think about more than anything. not just what to cook but also my relationship to it and how it fits in with my… life, really.

      and re:interiors sometimes i feel like i don’t have anything specially different thing to say about interior design or what kind of interiors i love – i suppose there are just so many blogs out there that are already so GOOD at it that i am not sure if i can contribute anything new or different. a friend asked me the other day, what interior blogs do you read? and i was like… well actually i just look on Pinterest. i’m just like everyone else! i’ll see about exploring that avenue more. the most important thing for me is not just to show what everyone else is already showing.

  13. Let’s see. There are so many aspects of your blog I enjoy. You have introduced me to so many designers, lifestyle bloggers, Cape Town artists and creatives…it is a joy to visit and be educated and provided with so much culture I would otherwise not have learned about.

    That said, I adore the series in which you put images of food with satorial images; integrating the colorscapes. I also enjoy the many links to home style and design you share.
    I don’t use Twitter so am not sure of what you may share on your account there; I do know your blog here is one of the very few that I follow and treasure.

  14. I love a lot about your blog, but the photography posts are probably my favorite! (with music as a close second).

  15. I love your blog! I think my favorite thing that you post about is photography and art. (And I love that you revisit artists you’ve posted about in the past, that’s so cool.)

  16. hi
    Interesting that you even put this offer out there!
    Your blog is so clever. I realize I rarely check out the right hand column. My eyes rarely wander – which illustrates the quality of the posts which are ALSO often ads- but you have a knack of making it all feel clean and inspired. Like you are sharing “with ” us not patronizing or dictating. It is all in the tone and quality of the supporting text.
    Keep doing what you feel- it works and I check in regularly and loose myself.

    • thanks H (can i call you H?)

      you know i actually don’t do any posts that are paid for or that counts as “advertising”. the only thing that i sometimes include within my posts are affiliate links – which means i get a small commission from a product if someone ends up buying it. that said, i never ever ever post about anything that i don’t truly like or that i haven’t found myself. if a product i love and will personally go out and buy myself has an affiliate link then yes, i will include the affiliate link in the post. the reason for that, of course, is that i make a living from the blog and i need it to sustain itself. also i don’t ever accept submissions for products. i always find these things myself and work them into my posts in a way that doesn’t compromise the blog.

      i’m always thinking: if i were a reader of the blog, how would this make me feel? i would never want people to think, oh she’s trying to make a quick buck or she’s pushing some shit on us that’s disingenuous or that some PR person sent to her in a press release. that is the LAST thing i want to do!

      and i hope you know that, and of course that everyone else knows that!

      as for the sidebar on the right, those are my wonderful sponsors and they are all independent amazing shops and designers etc who really deserve the clicks and are the reason this blog is still going. please please click on through and support them because if they weren’t here, i wouldn’t be here.

  17. I would love to see more of your music playlists…I’ve discovered some great artist through you!

    • i think this is the most highly requested thing ever!! i really want to get back into them, even just for my own sanity – because the truth is that i don’t listen to music the way i did a few years back. i pretty much rely on streaming services now and i almost tune out when i am working. so often new music that i like doesn’t necessarily get saved to my computer or whatever… it is a terrible habit and i feel like i am going to wake up in ten years without having even bought any new music because i’ve just had spotify on every day.

      anyway so my point is, yes i will try to bring this feature back!

      • I feel exactly the same way – streaming services are so convenient, but I just don’t engage the same way with my music anymore. That said, I do love curated playlists on Spotify to help me find new music – yours are some of my favs!

  18. Hey Diana
    I think your taste is so varied (and good) that you cover things for everyone. And even though I’m not massively interested in fashion, I always appreciate it when you do a post on a new collection, because I would never manage to find that stuff on my own. I love how intensely visual the blog is, every image is really considered and never feels like quantity to just fill a post.

    I’m also a designer, and now mom of a one year old – and just don’t have the time to stay on top of new music as much as I once did – so I LOVE a music post (and ALL your mixes obvs)
    Also love your posts on Cape Town and what you recommend, always interesting to read.

    And on a slightly voyeuristic note, while I would LOVE to hear what you’re reading, wearing, listening to etc etc (because I think you’re great!)…I also think this may turn the blog into more of a navel-gazing experience, which is so common everywhere else right now. You’ve got something so unique going.
    Your taste changes, and you change, so your posts will always change anyway…
    (Maybe a bit more music? ;)

    Much love and don’t stop!

  19. I love your blog, it’s my favourite! You have such good taste and I really enjoy the eclectic mix of posts. Even though the content varies in topic there is strong feeling of consistency visually. I trust your opinion and thought the emojii beauty was fun! Keep up the good work, Alice, Leeds UK x

  20. Beautiful roundup. I enjoy seeing your “internet finds’ as I’m not a big surfer but do love to see the new, cool stuff out there!

  21. Hi!

    I never commented on your blog before but reading about your surprise for Dutch breakfasts made me, as I am Dutch myself and ate bread with ‘vlokken’ (chocolate) for one half of my life and bread with ‘fruithagel'(the colored sugar sprinkles) for the other half.. I’m now 22 and still healthy ;)

    Keep up the good work!
    greets a daily reader and fan of Miss Moss.

  22. Hi! I’m from Brazil and I really love your blog! It’s one of the first things I read every morning, with a cup of coffee.

    I love your taste and I must say that you introduced me to most of my favourite artists.

    The way you pay attention to the world and all its beautiful details are an inspiration to me.

    The kind of posts I love the most are related with painters, photographers, culture, people and places. I’m not really into jewellery, but thats totally personal and, even though, your taste in jewellery is great.

    Just keep doing what feels right to you!

  23. your blog is my absolute favourite, to start. I always LOVE when you do an extra design step in your posts that may otherwise be less extraordinary (while all the while super enjoyable content). your recent spring/summer 2015 post comes to mind — how you organized everything made is such a step above every other blogs fashion show roundups, especially for a design student that can’t bring myself to click through every damn show — and your beauty post where you expressed your love for products through EMOJIS, which, basically, kill me? you always go a step above and I love it! my (not so inner bc I am actually enrolled in school) design student just loves it. I also follow you on twitter and kind of forget that it’s actually /you/ that I get so much of my internet recommendations from, because I follow so many people, but this post (one of my favourites in recent memory) made me realize it’s /you/ who I am getting this content from! so, keep it up! pop culture 4evz~

  24. I love the “Rise & Shine” / what children have for breakfast.
    The photos of the tables are so beautiful and the children are so cute!

  25. Thank you for creating such an inspiring blog, Diana! I’ve been a reader for years, and Miss Moss has always been one of my favorite places on the internet. I truly enjoy all your posts; but I exceptionally adore seeing posts about South Africa, the landscape, the people, the artists and designers. It is a long way from Seattle, but I hope to make the trip someday :)

  26. Hi from Paris!

    I do miss your great music mixes! So many amazing discoveries thanks to them!

    I really enjoy following your blog!


  27. Heya

    Thank you SO much for sharing my soundcloud page! Since you shared it I’ve had an unprecedented EXPLOSION of activity: 500+ listens in 24 hours, which is a lot considering I had 5500 or so before. I had no idea why but used some detective skills to track this post down. I really really appreciate the exposure so THANK YOU!

    Kind regards,

    P.S My girlfriend is an avid follower of yours and I think she listens to your mixes more than mine!

  28. This is such an awesome post! Thanks. You have such a great eye/mind for well-curated round-up posts.

    @your post script: This is the first time I’ve commented on your blog, but I’ve been a daily reader for…at least 3 or 4 years now. I LOVE THIS BLOG. If I had to choose something I want to see more of though, I would say even more art/design and EVEN MORE ROUND UP POSTS! You already do them fairly frequently, but I love them, and they’re always so unique, inspiring, and thought provoking. Thanks for creating such a lovely space of inspiration for me!

  29. you always have fantastic design and art finds. and i LOVE when you collage fashion and art and when you correlate an outfit with it’s art influence. that’s rad. you curate and cull from really cool resources around the web and the world – better than any other blog i’ve found. i read your blog every day.

  30. I love love love your blog. More personal posts would be great, always enjoy art, design, and beauty posts.
    I should also mention that my fella and I love the mushroom and taleggio pie recipe. We make it on special occasions– and he’s actually making it for me right now.

    Your blog is my favorite. Thank you for creating my favorite thing on the internet!

    • ^what she said.^

      p.s. since we’re all in a “let’s gush about miss moss” state of mind, I have to also admit that yours is one of the few blogs I follow and actually READ. your writing style is so honest, your personality so approachable/cool, and your effortless curation and eye for things beautiful, sometimes retro, nostalgic, simple, fresh, always leaves me inspired. I’ve found that in reading your blog you’ve opened my mind to so many different styles and ways of digesting our visual world that my own tastes have changed significantly as a direct result of your shining light on so many talented people.

      furthermore, in my eyes your blog is the tippity top of the blogosphere. as I scroll through Bloglovin’ your posts are always reserved for the last posts I’ll read for the day. they are a treat I look forward to either at the very beginning or the very end of my work day. I really feel like a special, dedicated space of time must be allocated to your blog. in the past two weeks I was so inundated with work I was unable to check up on any blogs, but when I finally had a minute to breathe yesterday, I found that I abandoned any notion of reading the others I’d missed and went straight to yours. I tried to hold out – but I couldn’t! this rambling comment is a result of said “miss moss” fix. I want you, I can’t get enough of you, I’d like to hook you up to my veins. lol, so creepy.

      anyway, i think it’s undeniable that you have some serious die-hard fans of your blog. while this comment in no way contributed to the original question of “what to improve on,” I just had to say what I wanted to say for some time and that is your blog is the best. I thank my lucky stars for having stumbled onto it two years ago and if you ever stop… well, don’t :)

      keep on keepin’ on.


      • thanks so much charlotte! i actually know you from your comments – you are one of the few regular commenters and i do appreciate it. also very much appreciate this specific comment, i should print it out and stick it on my wall :)

  31. I just found this blog so PLEASE don’t go away!! I found it through Pinterest and was soooo excited to see the tights in question were actual items for sale still on Etsy! Really looking forward to going through your archives and looking at all the pretty things, listening to some new music, etc. Thank you!

  32. Miss Moss,
    Ive been visiting your blog nearly everyday for some time now. I usually make a point to sit down with my morning cup of coffee to peruse your blog. I always appreciate the content because it never fails to impress! You feature topics I wouldn’t have been exposed to if left to my own devices. The music is highly appreciated. But also I get a jolt of excitement whenever theres a giveaway.Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

  33. Thank you! i’m sick today, and so i decided to go check your blog for great things to discover as always, and i found this crazy adorable article on breakfast and the one on Mudblud! I love Harry Potter (I’m 25, i grew up with him ;)) and i was so happy to listen to it! there’s even french in his mix! (I live in Paris)
    So thank you again to bright up my day like this :) and for making us discover new designers/creators every time!
    Have a lovely day!

  34. I agree with what everyone is saying please dont change a thing!!! Yours is the only lifestyle site I still come too as it is consistently interesting and varied. I also love that the blog might be about your taste but not about you- really respect that you havent made yourself the star focus of the blog. Thank you for making the internet better! x

  35. So many of my favourite blogs have fallen by the wayside, it’s nice to see a familiar and consistently good face pop up in my rss reader on a regular basis. I do enjoy the compilation posts and your fashion comparison stuff is always quality. You’ve also supported and promoted many of my friends and people that I admire over the years and that kind of community is awesome. Keep it up!

  36. I’m a bit late with chiming in here, but I just had to chime in and loudly say that you are KILLING IT! As many other bloggers seem to be running out of steam Miss Moss just keeps getting better and better. I love the frequent posting, and my favourite content is always the more personal, original posts, such as your 90’s fashion post from a while back. For some reason that post is quite a memorable one for me. And also some of your movie posts, the Great Expectations and French Kiss ones I can still remember. I guess because they are a nice reminder of films I saw and loved a long time ago but had forgotten about.

  37. i love the home decor posts you do – it gives me a lot of ideas for decorating my new Brooklyn apartment. discovered Rebecca Atwood pillows because of your post on her designs – wish they were easier on the bank but they are so nice and I like supporting local artists.

    i would love to see more textile and furniture posts and I LOVE the music mixes you do – the reason why i originally followed the blog!

  38. Yours was the first blog I came across when I moved back to SA in 2010. I think it was a post about ‘old’ fashion (and how to reinterpret it now) that got me reading – and I’ve been doing that ever since. I love the art, design/home features, the LIFE magazine images and food stories. Oh, and These Things.

  39. I love your blog as it is! a perfect dose of inspiration, personality and ‘lovely things’. you have an authentic voice without over sharing! thank you for all the visual joy :)

  40. Please do keep blogging! I’d also like to see more of your art posts & your art-and-something-else comparisons.

    Picking up on one if your own comments, I don’t think of you as a fashion blogger – your blog is far more interesting. I think of your blog as a booster jab of visual inspiration. I use your blog as my own personal art gallery (one that holds old masters and one that displays new art to the world.)

  41. Hi Diana,
    I’ve been meaning to write to you for ages and tell you how much I love the blog and now is the perfect time! I’m also a graphic designer (from Melbourne) and have found loads of great designers and ideas through your blog. I’m always amazed when you post stuff from Melbourne – it’s so far away and how do you even KNOW about these things – but of course its the digital age ;). Your blog is one of 2 that I read every day!!
    Def love the design and fashion related posts – but all of it really! Your images of SA are breathtaking and it’s now on my list of places to go. If you ever come to Melbourne – I’ll buy you a coffee.

  42. Your blog is like a lovely, digital oasis. I’ve been a follower for several years, and of all the many “style/art/fashion/cool stuff” blogs out there, I find yours to be the most finely-curated, thoughtful, balanced, intriguing, and genuine. I like that your writing has a friendly tone, that it’s not heavily edited or overly wordy. I love that you always “give credit where credit is due”.. this is a courtesy that is rapidly fading from internet life. I adore your fashion/art and fashion/food compositions, they are equal parts brilliant, wonderful, and delicious. Along with those my other favorite items you blog about are home decor things (probably bc I just turned 30, now have a baby, and am in nesting faze!) art, your personal location photos (SO SO BEAUTIFUL) and anything fashion, as you have impeccable and also quite groovy taste. The jewelry is lower on my list, but even in that category the items you feature occasionally cause me to click through and spend way to much time looking and coveting. Ultimately I hope that you never stop and don’t change anything too much. (except maybe, when/if the time comes, to start quietly adding in very cool baby-related stuff… :) ) Also, I think this addition, the “Mid Week Distractions” is fantastic and a lot of fun. Thank you for consistently laying out this dreamy buffet for all of us to enjoy!!

  43. oh, lady. everything you do is generally AMAZING. and I *love* this mid-week distraction business. it’s like using StumbleUpon, but you actually get things that you like.

    but if you’re asking for specifics, I love your fashion//art//design posts. you always find such incredible designers and I end up with a million things on my secret wishlist. and I also end up with, like, most of my Pinterest feed coming straight from either your feed or your blog. so yeah – I find you generally awesome. whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.

  44. Your blog, all the time. I love getting a POV from someone NOT in the US, it’s so refreshing – so much of the Internet/blogosphere is regurgitation of the SAME THINGS ALL THE TIME. And yours is fresh and different and I love that.

  45. Honestly, your blog is my favorite out there. Everything you post is perfect!

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