now that we’re at issue 2 of Mid Week Distractions it already feels like a regular thing! i enjoyed bookmarking all the interesting things i came across in the last week, and it was also pretty nice for me to go through them again. enjoy.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Alan Bean Plus Four

a short story written and read by Tom Hanks.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2


if you’re not already listening, start here.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Graphic Travel

a couple accounted their travels through Africa with cool infographics.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Studio Roller

a wall mounted paper roll for ideas, notes and other useful things.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Content Moderation

article about the thousands of people who keep really nasty things from your Facebook feed.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Live Life like a Motherfucker

a personal essay by Amy Selwyn that i enjoyed.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Mungo & Jemima

for the locals, Mungo & Jemima have launched an online shop (South Africa only for now)

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Of A Kind revamp

Of A Kind have launched their fresh new site and it’s lovely!

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Room 3201

by photographer Brian Ferry.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

SDE Quilts

these are beautiful.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2


try glasses on virtually, on your own face.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2


app that turns your camera into a calculator.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Working Purls

Vogue editors’ favourite sweaters.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Sezane for Madewell

a cool (Parisian) collaboration.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Moby Gratis

Moby has made over 150 tracks of his own music available for independent, non-profit films & shorts – for free.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 2

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

a fun / crazy remix of Cindy Lauper’s classic by NYC electronic band Anamanaguchi, made on an old Nintendo.

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  1. Ok Diana, I love it. Great post! Love your ‘These things’, too, but this one is a little more accessible, you know? As in, I can’t necessarily afford that beautiful necklace, or do my house up like a pro interior designer, but my gosh, I can read that article, make that soup, bookmark those zucchini noodle recipes!

  2. Anna Louise Reply

    Oh, Miss Moss… delicious looking. I am not giving up my pasta anytime soon, but these recipes are fabulous in and of themselves. It’s kind of like how I like to do vegetarian….I don’t want fake meat anthing, just great vegies. So in love with this blog….how do you find time to work, love, live like you so obviously do? No sleep ever?


    Anna Louise.

  3. I’m obsessed with Serial!!! I’ve recommended it to everyone I know, including my mom, only to find out she and my dad were already listening to it. NPR is the best.

  4. Of these, the “Content Moderation” article and Room 3201 photos I enjoyed. That article was gut wrenching, but a fine example of investigative journalism and exposure to what we don’t know or think about. I haven’t read something like that in a while and am glad I came across it here.

    On a brighter note, the photos of Room 3201 were spectacular, loved the soft colors, the bathroom faucet and the pink building!

  5. I love these! I have been listening to Serial too, and wish the episodes came out more often. And those quilts! (!)

  6. Thanks for this, I NEED that studio roll up, it is the coolest thing ever!
    Also, the “Live life like a motherfucker” essay really made my day!

  7. Yay! As I said on your first Mid-Week Distraction, I’m totally in love with this idea, and the things you find are always so fantastic! Thanks for sharing, as always.

  8. loving this series! (even though it took me until the end of the week to get to it…) Glad to see NPR getting some love here in SA :)

  9. The content moderation article was really eye-opening and hard to digest, but I am truly better having read it, great article. Thanks for sharing!

    I was able to get a license to use Mobygratis on a project, really simple process and an amazing resource. Glad to hear he is still growing it!

  10. Great post. Love this new series. Thanks for sharing with us your fav. finds this week. Def taking a look at some of these, and am already a huge fan of “serial”. can’t wait for the next podcast to come out.

    rae of love from berlin

  11. That Wired article is remarkable. A gritty reminder that the veneer we are exposed to every day hides a grimy and frightening reality.

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