i got such nice responses on my first Mid Week Distractions post and i just want to say thank you SO much for being so lovely and supportive of the blog. it really does help me on days when i think, jees what am i DOING? sometimes you feel like you are just shouting into an empty room, especially in a time when comments on blogs are decreasing and everyone is so bleak about the general landscape of blogging – so it really is appreciated!

one of the most requested things i get from readers, and people on twitter, is to bring back the music mixes. so i will make an effort to do one a month! after August i unfortunately skipped September and most of October, but here’s November.

i have had the first song by Marina and the Diamonds on repeat, it is GREAT. enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing a new music mix, Diana! I needed some new music. To play on repeat! Do you mind me asking what the beautiful cursive font you used on ‘November’ is? Thanks and happy Friday!

  2. Tiffany cain Reply

    I love your blog so much. You are the BEST at finding beautiful and quirky things to share. i feel like my brain pings doppamine every morning when I check in. i know it must be difficult to find new things, but just know your readers love your style and point of view.

    Thank you,
    Walla Walla Wa USA

    • I agree with Tiffany! Diana: You put so much heart into everything you share, which makes your blog exceptional and special. I love that feeling of having discovered a new (to me) artist, and your posts generate that feeling a lot! And the photos are always a treat! It doesn’t hurt that your blog never reads like an advertorial. Thank you for sharing so much of you and your part of the world. (Take care of yourself, and don’t worry about us too much.)
      Lauren in Montreal

    • it’s my preferred way of discovering music because artists and record labels often release singles on soundcloud before the albums come out. it’s also home to great remixes and other interesting musicians like DJs and so on. i also like the fact that’s it’s not geo-restricted. we can’t (legally) access spotify in SA, so it’s not as easy for me and other non-US people to use (though i do use it….)

  3. When I was travelling alone, I listened to Marina & The Diamonds non-stop. The new song is so good! And I love a good mix– since I started using rdio.com, I make a new one every month or so.

  4. I’ve been following your blog for a long time now. I’m so glad you’re bringing mixes back! When you posted them regularly a couple years back, I discovered some great artists because of you.

  5. I really like what you do miss moss. Your’s is one of only a handful of blogs I have looked at regularly for years. Please keep up the good blogging.

  6. Thank you for this playlist! I always just assumed that people who write such well-known blogs such as yourself didn’t necessarily want to take time to read another comment since most of what I would probably comment is along the lines of what other people have said (“Yay!” “I love this!” “This is beautiful.” “Thank you for sharing this! I am so happy I now know about it.”) <– since those are all things I frequently think when I see your posts. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! You either feature individuals I already love and am so happy to see getting attention, or you're featuring something new that I'm so glad I now know about. Thanks for creating such a wonderful space on the internet for me to frequent!

  7. Your blog is the only one I check almost every single day, been doing it for years. I feel like I knew you. I am never disappointed, I always love what you talk about!
    Please never quit!
    Love from Spain

  8. Dearest Diana,
    Please NEVER feel you are shouting into an empty room! You are by far the most inspirational voice I read / absorb at each new post. Your visuals make me dream and your music mixes accompany me in my studio, they push me to make and make and make. You are unique, with such an amazing aesthetic – please know that!!

    I’m loving this new series and CANNOT wait to have a listen to this playlist!

    Love (& devotion) from the South of France

  9. oh no. i hope the feeling doesn’t stay very long. i’m a new reader but i’ve been enjoying blogs since middle school which is awhile ago. even though much has changed, i applauded those for developing with it. takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there. also, i’m lovin the playlist. i was in dire need of new music and this mix is awesome. its a good roadtrip mix. thanks for sharing.

  10. Your music mixes are always such a pleasure, thank you. I’m trying to comment more on the blogs I really love these days because I don’t want blogging/the best bloggers to fade away. That would be too sad. I want blogs + microblogs + whatever else comes next. I want it all!

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