The Modern Loafer from Everlane. it does not get better than this.

The Modern Loafer The Modern Loafer The Modern Loafer The Modern Loafer The Modern Loafer The Modern Loafer The Modern Loafer The Modern Loafer The Modern Loafer


  1. I saw this in my inbox from Everlane this morning and immediately thought, “I MUST have it!” In black and hopefully in the future, they’ll create a white one too. Utterly classic.

  2. Hi Diana,

    I absolutely LOVE your site!!! Thank you sooooo much for providing such amazing content!!! You really made my world a better and more beautiful place =D and i have just put down my order for these lovely loafers from Everlane!

    It doesn’t seem that you talk too much about sports on your blog. However, if you do see any interesting pieces/fashion in the yoga/sports apparel place, could you share your thoughts? I need some good workout gear!


    • hey Claire – jealous you’re getting your hands on a pair of those loafers!

      i am the least sporty gal on the planet but i want to make an effort with my fitness, so when i do then you’ll be the first to know.

  3. hi! the skirt in the 8th picture is exactly what i’ve been looking for. do you know where it’s from?
    thank you!

  4. I am a huge fan of everlane! as i am living in Brazil, I’m always bugging friends to receive my shipments.

    Diana – how do you get your everlane in South Africa?

    Also, I think everlane would make the most perfect nautical striped tee and Ive been contacting customer-service to beg them to make one, haha!

    • i have never ordered from Everlane before. because we get charged such high customs charges for imported items i hardly do any international online shopping!

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