i did something unusual when i looked through the website of Australian interior design firm Hearth… i saved the pics to my desktop. ever since the advent of Pinterest i hardly ever save stuff to my actual computer anymore. i used to have folders upon folders of ‘inspiration’ lurking around all over the place – but now i just pin it to some board and, well, forget about it. but i wanted to look at these again and again because they are so cool.

Hearth is a small interior architecture practice based in Melbourne, Australia. Sarah Trotter is the principal at HEARTH. With a background in Architecture, food and styling Sarah has thorough cooking knowledge and is interested in creating places to eat and to cook- the kitchen is the modern hearth of the home. HEARTH creates honest places for their clients in a collaborative way. HEARTH solves spatial problems intelligently, innovatively and with care.

these are not all from one house, see their different projects on their website.



  1. Diana, I really, really love your blog, but please make the full content of your posts available through your rss feed!
    I simply can not click on another link to go the website, except when I want to comment, or when I want to take a better look at a specific post. Unfortunately, I have not been reading your blog since the content has been clipped to just show a short summary…

    • hey Alice, i’m sorry to hear that you don’t wish to click through to the blog. unfortunately i rely on my advertisers to keep me going, and if people didn’t actually look at the blog itself i doubt i would still be taking to time to put together the content that i do.

      if you use Feedly they have a feature called Preview which allows you to read the site in the same window.

  2. In response to your Pinterest organization habits – I do that as well. Pinterest helps me organize the “categories” of my photos (I create secret boards categorized by type like home, recipes, editorials, etc.) and helps contain the source of the photos simply by pinning. I cannot organize that well from my desktop unless I am not doing it right…

  3. Michelle Hoch Reply

    Hi Diana,
    Thank you for the ongoing inspiration. I live in Cape Town and my boyfriend and I just moved in (yay!) the apartment is a scary blank canvas, so I’ve gone on a stalk through your archives for some inspiration. One thing that I KNOW I want (I mean we) is a nice big round mirror to hang above my dresser. Do you have any idea where one might find or have one made in CT?
    Any tips, muchos gracias. x

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