QUESTION * how do you guys consume your online content these days? i’m still a faithful RSS subscriber, even after Google Reader crashed and burned into the internet blackhole last year (i’ve been using Feedly ever since). i was having this conversation with a friend last night, who visits individual sites in his bookmarks – now that’s dedication.

i often feel like there’s LOADS of new things out there for me to read, watch, look at – but at the same time i don’t want to be inundated with unnecessary STUFF. it’s quite difficult to streamline what you consume, while at the same time still discovering new content. i rely on twitter a lot in that way, as people who are way cooler than me can lead me to interesting links. so i’m interested to know where / how / why you consume and discover online?

but for now, here’s some Mid Week Distractions. this is No.3.

* we’ve been watching a lot of The Office

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

Girls Season 4

a great little sneak peak into the coming season, i’m excited for it!

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

Meet Neil Breen

this guy makes the most AMAZING bad movies. is it real you ask? yes.

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

On Kindness

“My mother is sick.”

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

if i had known my mother back then

a woman photoshops herself into her mother’s old photos

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

Kissing your socks goodbye

home organising advice from Marie Kondo

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

the home of Greg Irvine

who has some pretty insane collections

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

Conservation’s best friend

how dogs help combat poaching in Africa

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

The Africa without Ebola

as an African, i need you to read this.

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

Yes Please

i’m excited to read Amy Poehler’s first book

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3


a new book from Freunde von Freunden

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

Father Magnus Wenninger

a wonderful studio visit with a mathematician who builds paper-polyhedron models

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

A-X writing advice

an amazing list of grammar & spelling corrections!

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

I’m 41, single and pregnant

“welcome to the new normal”

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

In No Great Hurry

documentary about photographer Saul Leiter

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

A Standard of Living

really enjoying this blog (and this post)

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

I left social media for a week

Kate tells of her experience

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3

No more Ms. Nice Gal

interesting article about Reese Witherspoon. looking forward to seeing Wild

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.3


i like these cool-girl moon bags (or fanny packs, whatever you call them)

made me laugh.



  1. I use both Feedly and Twitter to get most of my content. They’ve been working great for years. The way I find new content is basically by falling into the black hole that is the Internet and not resurfacing for a while.

  2. I just started using Bloglovin and it’s been pretty good and making suggestions based on other blogs I follow. I’ll have to try Feedly. I miss my Google Reader… but oh well.

  3. I enjoy feedly, twitter and bloglovin for my info. I’m loving this new series! I’m so glad you started it.

  4. I use Bloglovin to follow blogs and Twitter for links to interesting articles, etc. I really like your new Weekly Distraction series!

  5. Feedly mostly blog content, sometimes bloglovin – and then also FB, twitter and pinterest. Also WILD was one of my favorite books I read last year. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should I’m very interested to see the movie too.

    • i have read it! it was also one of my favourite books this year. i am interested to see how Reese will play it.

  6. I must be one of the crazy ones — I put all my blogs in my booksmarks toolbar and click each one every morning! Maybe it’s because I’m a graphic designer but I love to “experience” each blog’s page and interface every time I read. It’s usually a big part of what attracts me to the blog in the first place. It forces me to “clean up shop” every once in a while and remove the ones I’m no longer interested in, while adding some new ones to try out. Miss Moss has been in the number one spot on my toolbar for a couple years now! Bravo ;D

  7. I use Bloglovin. I tried Feedly, but found it sometimes missed stuff? Or organized things into cutesy magazine layouts that were not actually the way I wanted it (my favourite blogs got little squares, less favourite blogs got enormous squares? Probably you can change that, but I couldn’t be bothered. Oh, I think also the desktop and mobile versions didn’t integrate, so I got frustrated). I like Bloglovin! Save for the stupid ads it’s started putting in my feed.

    I also keep a few blogs bookmarked as ‘backups’. The things I don’t want to read all the time, but on a slow day I’ll go check them out and catch them up.

    I’m way behind the cool kids – I don’t use twitter or instagram (have been meaning to start with the ‘gram), use pinterest for personal stuff or random searches, not to follow bloggers/pinners; and don’t really enjoy integrating the blog/media stuff with what my friends are up to on Facebook.

  8. Great question. For things I definitely want to see *every* post of, I use Feedly, but I’ve moved a majority of sites I only need to see *some* of or the “best” of to Flipboard.

  9. I love the juxtaposition of the organizing article and George Irvine’s home. I bet most of his things spark joy for him.

  10. I have been using feedly since google reader crashed, but I still miss google reader! as far as consuming random things on the internet, these kinds of lists are my favorite. :]

  11. I type the first letter of each blog into the browser on google chrome and go to each blog individually, not the most efficient but it’s become a habit I enjoy.

  12. I use feedly too and miss google reader too. Surprised to see we are many on the same boat. Will try Flipboard, it has a nice design.
    It would be awesome to have something that gathers the rss but keeps the design too. Also, there are so many good sites out there that i cannot follow with rss, those i bookmark but i rarely check them again.

  13. I would strongly recommend Bloglovin – I was reluctant to switch from following RSS but now I can’t imagine going back! Thanks to small previews of the posts I don’t have to actually open a new page just to see one photo I’m not all that interested to see. And the iPhone aplication is so convient. I never tried Feedly, maybe it works similar, but Bloglovin saves me a lot of time while surfing the net :)

  14. Like your friend, Lauren, and Kate, I also regularly visit bookmarked (mostly in my mind) sites. I probably have at least 20 sites I visit daily, and more occasionally. I don’t like to have information pre-sorted for me. I prefer to do that myself.

  15. i miss my google reader. and remember the sharing feature? oh! i still use my old feed from google, in bloglovin’ now, but i don’t add to it. it’s still so beautiful because of all the good blogger friends i used to collect. so i go a few times a week and it’s like connecting with old friends. but i miss the early days of ugly earring and discotheque confusion and you. all of us like we were in dialogue.

    now i skit around, links from twitter and my wife’s zite and my own meandering. luckily we still have jessica stanley’s read. look. think. which is how i find the most beautiful stuff. and you.

    i opened three tabs from your roundup.

    and am off now.


  16. Oh my goodness I adore Greg Irvine’s house. It is the coolest home I’ve ever seen. As a hoarder/collector it is absolutely what I want any future living space of mine to look like. So colorful and surprisingly tidy considering how much stuff he had, and his paintings were beautiful! Thank you for sharing the video.

  17. this may sound strange, but when the media coverage of ebola exploded I thought to myself, “I wonder what miss moss things about this?” Just because it seemed like some things were exaggerated and I was missing the whole picture – and you are of course there on the continent of Africa. I know several people, mainly missionaries from my church, who have travelled to Africa and come back healthy and well recently. Ebola is a terrible thing, so too is misinformation.

    thank you for sharing this post! some pretty awesome distractions here – more things to spend time that I don’t have on :)

    • it’s like asking someone in Iceland about what they think of what’s going on in Syria – and Iceland is closer to Syria than South Africa is to the Ebola outbreak!

  18. Can I just say THANK YOU for making your links click OUT of your site – my worst is when you click on the link and it opens in the same tab.

  19. Actually your blog has been a life saver (or at least a time saver) for me. I was following so many blogs, when i ran into yours i decided it had the perfect balance of design, art, fashion, travel and you have great taste in all of these things so i basically unsubscribed almost everything else. I relay on you ! :)

  20. I use Feedly but I miss sharing and starring from Google Reader. I tend to just share interesting links on Facebook now.

  21. I still need to pick up Amy Poehler’s book! And I use Feedly as well – I was so upset when Google RSS feed left. Nice round up you have here!

  22. Feedly all the way! I’ve separated it into categories that a few of which I read every day (mostly local news and interesting/random stuff) and the others whenever I get to it (more design/art sites). Maybe once a year, or so, I’ll go through some of the categories to see what I’ve liked in the past and remove sites that are no longer posting or their content is going downhill or I’m not longer interested. For new content, I rely on link drops from sites I already follow. Sometimes, if the site produces A LOT of content, I’ll subscribe to their newsletter instead so I can get just the highlights and not have to sludge through all of it. Twitter is just too loud for me. It feels like everyone is shouting at once.

    • yes there are some sites i simply cannot subscribe to because they have TOO MANY POSTS. so i like weekly digest emails, too. i am thinking of doing one as well, but i probably only post once a day so maybe 5 posts in a weekly digest is lame?

  23. I use Bloglovin’ which works really well for me – I find it easy to tell which posts are worth clicking on!
    Also – these links you’ve shared here are all fabulous!

  24. rip google reader, but i now use feedly. although, I have to admit that I have been removing a lot of blogs – it’s something you tweeted about a couple of months ago, how so many blogs have gone to contributors. i get that blogging is a business, but i don’t know, a lot of blogs are starting to feel so fake. anyway, it’s hard to find new (original) content, but I appreciate the links you and jessica stanley share.

  25. ####, that “on kindness” was the most beautiful thing I have read in a long time. Maybe ever.

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