jees guys i’ve gotta tell you, Mid Week Distraction has pushed my internet combing to another level. i have a whole new respect for people who work for BuzzFeed and other mega online publications – where do they find the TIME to compile so many juicy lists? i mean, obviously they get paid for it (here’s hoping) but seriously, respect.

this week’s distraction took me a fair few hours to put together, so please enjoy the CRAP out of it!



my new favourite online read and space

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.6


a great way to discover rad people to follow on IG

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.6

Wild Concrete

trees sprouting from residential buildings in Hong Kong


The Quiet German

The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel


New Yorker Photo Dept on Instagram

ft. Alexia Webster as this week’s guest photographer

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.6

The Dogist

a must-follow

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.6

Animals flying

by Julia Christe

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.6

Open Toys

making veggies fun again

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.6

3 awesome wrap ideas

good stuff here

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.6

10and5 Wishlist

a south african gift guide


The Giant Birdsnest

just need a momma bird to feed me now


Gro Anywhere Blind

excellent recommendation from Joanna


Cake Wrecks

the Thanksgiving one made me LOL.


Stop looking at your phones

from The Britishes, hilarious


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

a new series by Tina Fey is coming to Netflix


Arthur the stray dog

read the story & watch the video


Gurung Honey Hunters

a photo essay by Andrew Newey

Miss Moss // Mid Week Distraction No.6


shampooed, conditioned, and blow dried.

impressions by Lauren O’Brien of celebrities stuck in traffic:

Ernest Hemingway’s Novels in 15 seconds:

and, this song:


  1. Hi Diana,
    I just wanted to say thanks for all the great links you’ve been posting! I look forward to them every week :)
    And I was so happy to see Open Toys on there – I worked at the Domaine de Boisbuchet the summer that Samuel was in the Patricia Urquiola workshop, and I got to see him work on the prototypes – so it was really cool to discover that they became an actual thing!

  2. How do you do it. Every week you bring me joy.
    I’m going to read “She Woke Up Like This” after I type this.
    The picture of the giant birdnest takes just one look to LOL.
    Yay! More Erin from The Office. Backed by Tina Fey so it must be good.
    The ‘Gurung Honey Hunters’ site is down. Booo…
    I can’t tell who she’s imitating, but Lauren O’Brien is funny, and so are the Hemingway in 15 sec vids.

  3. Dear Miss Moss, THANK YOU for this distraction, your work is much appreciated – and I enjoyed the HELL out of it!

  4. Love love LOVE. Your blog is honestly the only one that actually brings genuinely interesting things forward that haven’t been posted somewhere else! And such. Good. Taste.

    A favorite. Always.

    love from Spain


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