December: the best month and also the worst month. best because holidays, christmas, family, food, summer (for us, at least), etc etc. worst because – how the heck is it December already? just an ever present reminder that time flies and you probably didn’t get to do everything you wanted to this year.

one thing i have wanted to do was update all the music mixes to streaming, which i still haven’t gotten round to – but i have created a page listing all of them. yay! it’s kinda cool to see all the covers i’ve made. i have already converted some of my personal favourite to streaming – Formative Years, Boogie and R/MX. look out for the rest.

for now, here’s DECEMBER. and it’s all remixes! it’s kind of a fun mix. enjoy.

do you guys prefer soundcloud or 8tracks? i like 8tracks but damn, it’s a ball ache to upload individual tracks!


    • i do find that it’s basically the same though? i mean you just hit play and it plays…. i like that you can favourite individual tracks on Soundcloud, and also that the music is coming directly from the artist (so it doesn’t involve me downloading and then uploading again to 8tracks!)

  1. Thank you for introducing me to Kygo and that awesome Gigamesh Fleetwood Mac cover! I’ve not even finished listening to the whole mix because I went on a Kygo music-search, haha! Thank you!

  2. I prefer 8tracks but will listen to your mixes either way. This one was really fantastic.

  3. Love this mix!!! thank you so much this is the only thing that is going to get me through a mammoth editing session. Thank you so much for making these

  4. I just love the music you pick!! and your blog I just love your style and good taste, greetings from México!

  5. I have been reading your blog for a long time and love it! I have a really similar taste to fashion and music as you! Thank you for introducing me to SoundCloud! It’s awesome. And your mixes are awesome. I’m currently going through all of them right now…this might take a while!

  6. Oh! and one more thing, if you haven’t heard of Bonobo, you HAVE to check him out, judging from your other mixes, I think you’ll like him. My favorite song is Nightlite, but seriously all of them are good! And you have to check out the Cirrus music video, it’s awesome.

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